Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quick Background Tutorial

I certainly don't consider myself an expert in html writing, but I do have a handle on a few things. A couple of people have commented on the Halloween background, so I thought I'd post a short tutorial on how to change a background.

First, you'll need a picture. I found some good ones on Hellas Multi Media-- but beware, this site has a billion very annoying pop-ups. Once you find a background image that you like, right click on it and save it somewhere you can find it.

Next, you need to upload to blogger. I do this by creating a post and uploading a picture, but instead of publishing the post, I select "Save as Draft." That way you don't have a post with a weird background picture. Now that your picture has been uploaded, you'll want to select and copy the http:// on to get the picture's address on blogger.

Now, open your Blog template. In the first few lines, you should see a tag for the background. It will say something like Background: or background=. If the tag says background with a colon after it, you'll want it to look like this:

background:url(http://paste the picture's address here)

If the tag has an equal sign, it should look like this:

body background="http://paste the picture's address here"

Once you've done this, you can select "Preview" to see if it worked. If so, save your changes and re-publish. If not, you can clear the edits without messing up your current blog.

Hope this helps-- Good luck!

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Elena said...

Look at you little Miss techno-savvy! Thanks for the info.