Friday, March 13, 2009

One more Gordon-ism

So, sometimes little babies have little baby gas. Sweet Neilly is no exception. Today, he was sitting on my lap and....

...well, it was a really loud, adult-sounding baby toot.

Gordon was coloring at the table nearby and without looking up or changing his expression, said, "Wow, Neil, that was a good one."

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm copying my friend, Becca who recently posted a hilarious three act "play" about her 2nd son, Brigham. If you have a second, you must read it, not only to laugh at the amusing and clever antics of her little boy, but also to be amazed, as I am, at how similar Brigham and my Gordon are. Actually, both of Becca's boys and my older two were cut from the same respective cloths. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about Gordy-Roo this week and today, he gave me some funny fodder to share. Note: my post is not nearly as funny or well-written as Becca's, but they're fun little tidbits I want to remember.

No matter where we go, Gordon will strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen. The girls at Great Clips and grocery store clerks especially love him. Today we went to "Freddy Smith's" (Fred Meyer turned Smith's Marketplace) where I let him pick out two Hotwheels-- one for him, one for Thomas-- and two treats. He and our checker, an older lady, conversed about his treats and how he planned to give this one to Tom and keep this one, and how he was very nice to share. She even gave him his own little bag to put the treats in. As we were walking away, but still within earshot of the checker, he said, "Wow, she was funny! And a little bit crazy, too!"

My newest discipline tactic has to do with reinforcing the positive-- after Thomas and Gordon get in a fight and spend their minutes in their individual time-out spots, I've been having them come back together, apologize, then say one nice thing about the other one. Gordon and I were discussing some of the nice things he could say today.

Gordon came up with: "You're cute," "You're a sweet boy," and "You're kind of dumb."

Yesterday, the boys were playing outside in the snow, when Gordon started banging on the basement window. When I went downstairs, he asked me, through the glass, to open up the door. "This isn't a door, it's a window!" I said, loudly, through the window. Gordon shrugged and said, "If you say so."

Monday, March 09, 2009

That good ol' Force...

Happy Birthday to Todd Flatland! To celebrate, his lovely wife threw a full blown "Star Wars" party-- complete with a day-long showing of not one, not two, but all six Star Wars Episodes. They even had a projector and an entire wall dedicated to the movies. Even though Chris and I *might* be able to sit and watch 12 hours of Anakin, Luke and the gang, there is no way our kids could do it. Lucky for us, the party was a "come and go as you please" kind of thing.

So, our first stop early Saturday morning was breakfast with my parents and Allison at Smitty's. Can't get enough of that pancake goodness! Afterward, we hung out at the DeArton home for a bit, then headed to Pocatello for the Flatland party.

Here is the birthday boy (26) and his lovely wife...

Nicki's son, Jacob, came prepared. Awesome.

A Flatland party just isn't a Flatland party without breaking out the "Rock Band". We took a break from the Star Wars to try our music-making skills with the big screen. Thomas is actually really good-- I think it's a cross between video-game-junkie and actual-musically-gifted. Maybe we can channel those gifts somehow... How much do those video game song composers make? Hmmm....

Anyway, I'm not much of a Rock Band star, but I did take a whirl on the mike. Kristie took this picture of me and quickly apologized that it isn't very good. I actually think it's kind of funny-- I'm trying my best to impersonate a hungry wolf a la Duran Duran.

Thanks for the good times, fam!

This morning, I woke up late (no thanks to you, Daylight Savings) and was shocked to see nearly 6 inches of white snow on my previously bare lawn. Apparently I wasn't the only one surprised-- only 12 of the 24 students in Tom's class were present today. Their excuse, according to Tom, was "it's a good day for skiing." I'll say!

School did get out early and now we're home watching even more snow fall outside. Wasn't I just yearning for Springtime? I guess I spoke too soon.

I've been busy with all sorts of stuff lately. Every day I find myself wishing for just a few more hours, but feeling completely exhausted and ready to sleep. One of these days, I'll get some kind of a schedule down and life will run smoothly. I'll just keep telling myself that!

In the meantime, check out my Design Blog for some new free projects and check out these adorable random pictures of my guys...

Our bed is so cozy on Sunday mornings! Hooray for 1:00 church!

Neil still can't roll-- I think he may have a lazy gene-- but he does like to grab and hold his head up. It also appears that he has inherited the lovely dry skin. Oh well, he's still cute.

You'd think it was summer with Gordon wearing this short set as often as possible. Usually it's inside-out or backwards-- courtesy of a self-dressing three-year-old.

Okay, that's it for this update. It's time to tackle some laundry! YAY!