Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Fall Y'all!

We had a great fall weekend! On Saturday, my parents and my sister, Caitlan, and the Freed Family visited us in Logan. We drove up to Franklin, Idaho to a great little pumpkin patch. The cousins had a blast running through the pumpkins. We found some great ones-- Chris got his traditional huge orange pumpkin and Tom picked out a perfectly round one. I got two pumpkins-- a green and a white one. We couldn't believe how cheap they were, especially compared to the ones we got in Seattle last year!

Here's Gord among the gourds! He was really excited about the little pumpkins and kept trying to sneak off with them. I think he liked that he could actually pick them up!

While we were browsing through the pumpkins, several cows in a pasture next to the patch kept us company by mooing the whole time. The kids thought it was so cool to be so close to the cows. It seemed like the admiration was mutual!

Aren't these the cutest cousins?

Thanks to our favorite camera timer, we were able to get a great shot of everyone. Top from left: Dad, Mom, Ann-Michelle, Todd, Chris, Elise, Caitlan holding Brynn
Bottom: Dallis, Hadley, Gordon, Tom

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