Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny... and Smart!

Part of Tom's daily homework assignment is "word study", where we review his weekly list of words. Usually I'll read the word, then put it in a sentence for him, ie: "Have. I have a new toy." Thomas will then spell the word.

Today's word study session had a conversation like this:

E: "Vote. Who are you going to vote for?"

Tom: "I'm not telling... but the word is V-O-T-E."

Monday, September 29, 2008

A little guessing game...

One of the best things about pregnancy is the knowledge that eventually, the pregnancy is going to be over! And for me, that time is quickly drawing near.

Guessing when the baby is going to make his arrival is kind of like filling out your NCAA March Madness brackets. Sure, you have a rough idea of when it is going to happen (or that Duke will probably make it past the first round), but you never really know exactly what to expect. I'm still waiting for that first round upset by a 16 seed-- it has to happen eventually! But, I digress.

My best March Madness bracket ever was completed my first year of marriage, when I couldn't tell the Sweet Sixteen from a birthday party, and basically picked the teams based on mascot, team colors, or how fun it was to say the name of the school. So, for those of you who like little or no information: guess when this baby is going to be born-- sometime between today and Halloween.

For those who like a little more info, here are the current stats:

My actual estimated due date is October 25th. According to the measurements of my belly and an ultrasound last week, the baby is right on track. Thomas and Gordon were both born earlier than their due dates-- Thomas by 10 days and Gordon by 17. Both boys were born in the wee hours of the morning on Sundays. I have been having contractions, although nothing very painful or consistent. I went to the doctor today and learned that I am 3 1/2 cm dilated. Yes, 3 1/2 is a lot, but keep in mind that I was dilated to 4 cm at this point with Gordon, and he wasn't born for another week and a half. I'm not planning a scheduled induction unless I'm 39 weeks and haven't gone into labor on my own. If I do go in on my own at this point, my doctor will let the labor proceed rather than trying to stop it.

So, with that information, make your guesses. Please guess a date and a TIME, in case there are any ties. There will be a prize, and it will probably contain sugar! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goings on

We went to Idaho for a fun weekend with my fam. This is our last trip there for quite a while-- possibly until the Holidays, even-- which makes me a little sad. It has been nice living so close to both of our families for the past couple of years and I think I tend to take that for granted.

The weekend was nice and quiet-- no major events. I had the chance to catch up with Becky and Elena on Saturday night, which is always a blast, and Chris and Jake, along with Todd and my parents, had a chance to catch up on Risk. Somehow capturing the Risk-playing was one of my few picture-taking objectives of the weekend!

Also on Saturday night, Allison, my youngest sister, went to her first formal dance. My sisters Kristie and Ann-Michelle did her hair and I did the make-up, and I think we were all quite pleased with the results. She looked WAAAAAAAAY better than her date. No offense to the guy but yeah. This picture is one that she'll probably post on her blog fifteen years from now! :)

Now we're back home and baby-prepping is in full swing. My kids are fairly far apart (especially by Utah standards), so I tend to forget how much stuff a newborn needs, not to mention how tiny everything is. We bought a box of diapers at Sam's club-- I think there are more than 250 of them. Insane. But, at least we have them and I think he should be diaper-ready for a month. Ah, good old diapers. It's been a few fun months without them!

I'm at a very foreign place with this pregnancy. With my other two, by the time I was in my last month, I was very busy concocting ways to go into labor as soon as possible. I could not wait to get those babies out of my body. But this one is a little different. Yes, I'm amazingly uncomfortable and cranky, and I want to burn every item of my maternity wardrobe. On the other hand, the idea of having a third baby is kind of freaking me out. I keep thinking that I really just need a little more time to adapt to the suggestion. I've been assured that most mothers feel this way at one point or another, and that somehow, most of them get through it. I'm sure I will, too.

Next week, I'm going to have a "guess the date" contest. Any suggestions for prizes for the winner?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The store is OPEN!

It's official: my digital scrapbook designs now have a home at Pixel Gypsy Designs! I have five brand new paper and element packs, plus a groovy Halloween mini kit available now at My Store. Everything is 25% off this week, so be sure to check it out!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We need more Grandparents!

I am posting about our weekend tonight and while looking at our fun pictures, I realized that what I really need is a grandparent to move into this house. It's been a very wearing week with pre-school dropping-off drama, a seeming explosion in the tattle count, purple crayon on my downstairs couch, and just general whininess all around. I have found myself thinking how much I dislike being the mom sometimes and I remembered a significant sentiment from a conversation with my mother-in-law, Marilyn, on Saturday: being the grandma is much more fun. Since life with the offspring is about to go from hectic to downright insane, I'm plotting ways to get more grandparent around here and less frazzled mother.


We had a second very fun weekend in a row with my in-laws, this time in our lovely Logan. The Utah Utes come to Logan every other year to take on the Aggies of Utah State, and we've made it a tradition to attend the game together. I think back in the day the Aggies actually used to be a pretty good football team, but for now, it's mostly just fun to go (read: hike) into Romney Stadium and sit in the "Away" section. Since our other annual away game trip was thwarted by our upcoming arrival, this game will have to do for this year.

Before the game, we met Gary and Marilyn at Center Street Grill, a tasty little diner here in Logan. Chris and I had eaten at Center Street before, but neither of us remembered it being as good as it was on Saturday. They even sell Tommie's donuts-- mmm. We ate a little later than the boys are used to and we intentionally starved them beforehand, so it was nice to enjoy a meal where they actually spent the time gobbling instead of pestering. See, another good grandparent-visit trick!

After lunch, we went to the park to play and relax. Grandparents are very good for playing long games of catch and swinging with rambunctious three-year-olds!

The boys had a blast with their favorite baby-sitter while the four of us went to the game. Aside from a few minor (ahem) errors by the special teams, the Utes were great, routing the Aggies on their home turf 58-10. GO UTES!

The sun was setting when we took these pictures, hence the red glow. Chris is just a goon.

Fortunately for me, we're doing the grandparent thing again this weekend, only this time in Idaho Falls with my parents. I may just leave the kids there...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Those were the days...

Christy tagged me to do this high school review-- so very funny. I thought I'd include some lovely pictures, mainly because I'm hoping some of you will also do this one and include pictures of yourself in high school! Ah, good times. Hee.

Okay, here we go:

Did you date someone from your school? Yes, I considered a couple of people "boyfriends" for a while. A lot of my junior year was spent dating on and off with Jared-- I think he could be considered my longest term BF from my high school. He was a really awesome guy, but we were kind of bratty to each other (okay, I was a bigger brat, but whatever.) Here we are on Tablerock, but I don't think we were actually dating at this point.

My Senior year, I mostly dated guys from other schools.

What kind of car did you drive? I looked everywhere for a picture of this car, but couldn't find one. A 1978 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, the ugliest pea green you've ever seen. The thing got 6 miles per gallon (that is not an exageration!) and could seat about 10 people comfortably. Oh yeah, and my dad got a personalized license plate that said "MAHANA".

What was the most embarrassing moment of HS? I can't really think of an embarrassing moment, but there are a few people that I was very rude to and I'm very embarrassed that I acted that way. I think that counts.

Were you a party animal? Does driving up and down 17th Street waving Twizzlers out the window count? No? Then, no.

Were you considered a flirt? Maybe.

Were you in a band, orchestra or choir? No.

What is your high school's full name? Bonneville High School

Were you on any Varsity Teams? I was on the Dance Team my Senior year. I also lettered in Tennis, but I am quite positive that the coach was just being nice, because I was not good at all.

Anna, one of my HS best friends, and me at one of our dance performances. I thought those red dresses were so cool. No, that hair isn't real.

Did you ever get suspended/expelled? Nope.

Can you still sing the fight song? Let's see.... Stand and give your pledge of honor, to Bonneville High School... yeah, I think I can...

Where did you sit at lunch? In the middle of the school there was a big open space called "the commons" where everyone sat during breaks and at lunch. Your position would shift based on your grade.

Did you got to Homecoming, if yes, with who? My first Homecoming, also my first formal dance, was with Andrew Maughan. I still can't believe I fit into Nicki's dress!

My second Homecoming was with Jake Denning. There are a few other bloggers in this picture, too!

If you could go back and do it again, would you? There are some times I wish that I could go back and not do some of the stupid things I did, or be better friends with people I didn't spend a lot of time with, but I definitely wouldn't relive the whole four years.

What do you remember most about graduation? Mostly I was really happy to not have to go back!

Becky, Adam, Kristi (what is up with the I ♥ you?), Me, Anna right after we graduated. As you can see, I was quite thrilled with the whole thing.

Where did you go for Senior Skip Day? I think that was our Lagoon trip. Yay, Lagoon. We did go on another senior trip to California, which was mostly a lot of fun.

Were you in any clubs? Debate and Key club for a little bit. I was the president of the Law Club for a short while,
until I realized that "Law" meant police law and not lawyering. I didn't like having to direct traffic at football games.

Have you gained some weight since then? Look at me in these pictures! What a mean, mean question!!

Who was your Prom date? Junior Year was my on/off boyfriend, Jared. Yes, we're fighting over an Ewok. Apparently my appreciation for boys who like Star Wars (or Pez!) hasn't changed.

Senior year, I went to Prom at Hillcrest, another school in IF, with Steve. Ah, Steve, so cute and so shy. We dated for eight whole months and never kissed. I think this relationship was one of those that made me really appreciate Chris and his willingness to tell me how he felt about me right away!

I think the look on Steve's face is a clear indication of how he felt about dating me: fear.

Who were your favorite teachers? I really liked Mrs. Middleton for Jr. English because she treated me like I was a genius. She did wonders for my ego.

Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? I did plan to go, and I went. Honestly, it was a bit disappointing. Read about it here.

Looking back, what advice would you give yourself? Be nice to people just for the sake of being nice. The people I have the very most respect for and good memories of were like that. Don't be afraid to try out or submit or apply or tell someone that you like them. Even if it didn't work out, rejection is a lot less painful than regret.

Who else wants to reminisce? Aw, come on... you know you want to. You're it! ;)

Invasion of the Body Snatcher!

It really is starting to feel like this little thing is taking over! Sometimes I can't believe that something that is currently affecting nearly every aspect of my life will probably weigh less than 10 pounds. Little stink bug!

Well, I really am in the home stretch now, and I have to say that I'm really looking forward to being done with this whole pregnancy thing. I like the outcome (except when they don't sleep), but I am not very fond of the carrying for nine months part. Anyway, I'm trying very hard not to count down the days!

In the last week or so, I've gone from the sort of cute stage of pregnancy, to the stage where people start feeling sorry for me. It is darn near impossible to walk without a waddle or bend over without groaning. It's kind of pathetic. And even though Chris seems to like the fact that I have, for the first time in our marriage, surpassed him on the scale, I can't help but feel just a bit depressed about my round-everywhere body. Not that I'm stopping my current Oreo binge or anything. Men just don't get it-- I complained to my doctor, and he actually said that he is "pleased" with my weight gain. Pleased? Is that a compliment? I wanted to smack him.

Aside from becoming the personification of Chunky Monkey, I've been feeling a bit claustrophobic on the inside. Just today, however, the squishiness seems to have shifted from my ribs/lungs/heart area, down to my lower abdomen, which I think means that the baby has dropped. Today I'm having much less heartburn, but way more trips to the bathroom. I'm taking this as a good sign. I also have some weird spinal thing going-- maybe sciatica?-- where I get these very annoying numb limb episodes, particularly on my left side. Fortunately, I have a live-in man servant who is willing to pretend that my constant whining is justified and rub my ailing legs until I can feel my toes again. :)

As far as the little guy goes, I'm really anxious to see what kind of baby he is. Very different from my other two, this one does not move a lot, or with the same fervor. Gordon woke me up several times a night with his voracious internal boxing, but this one wakes me up because I try to remember if I've actually felt him move at all in the last few hours. His movements are very soft and rolling, rather than the hard kicks and punches I received from my other kids. His heartbeat is strong, so there aren't any real worries. It's mainly just a curiosity thing-- is he going to be one of those dream babies that just sits there and smiles? I'm praying for YES!

Finally, I'm at the point where I've been getting a lot of really funny comments from complete strangers everywhere I go. Yes, I know I'm looking "ready" and "ripe", thank you very much, and no, I can't believe I'm old enough to have three kids, either. Most of the time, I don't get too annoyed-- and thankfully no one has felt the need to touch my stomach-- but I'm still amazed at the complete lack of tact pregnancy brings out in people. Let me just go on the record with this: I can't stand that "I'm so sorry" look I've been getting when people find out that I'm expecting my third boy. I like girls and I would have been thrilled to have one, but I also like boys and I know what to do with them and I already love this one more than I can express. Why on earth would I feel sad about that?!? I know so many people who struggle with either conception or having healthy children, so I am grateful that this one is doing well so far, boy or girl. And why is it that when people learn that we're a little gender lopsided, they feel the need to ask what my future conception plans are? Am I going to "keep trying" for a girl? asks the lady at Sam's Club, then proceeds to tell me some story about her sister or aunt or whoever who had boy after boy after boy before finally getting a girl, blah, blah, blah. I don't answer the "trying" question, because for me, having kids isn't like gambling until you get the right roll of the dice. But I shouldn't have to explain that to anyone, especially someone who doesn't know anything about me. Asking an extremely pregnant woman about her future baby plans is like asking a dental patient who is still reeling from the novocaine when he's planning his next exciting root canal.

Okay, clearly I had to rant about that one! Whew, I feel better. How about another Oreo? :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fish, Adventures at Ikea, and "My Hallo"

We went to Salt Lake this last weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend, and just perfect for a late summer fishing trip. Chris, his dad, and Thomas went to Silver Lake, near the Brighton ski resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, on Saturday morning. They were only there for a few hours and managed to catch 10 trout! Tom did a great job reeling in the line and using the net to catch the fish, and we all enjoyed a delicious fresh fish lunch.

During the fishing trip, Marilyn, Gordon and I went to Ikea. I had never been to Ikea before, and to say I was kind of overwhelmed is an understatement. I still can't believe how huge the store is! It was really fun, though, and we got all sorts of fun stuff. The best is that the boys' new downstairs room is now organized, and without my having to purchase a huge new dresser! YAY! Anyway, I had to post about Ikea because if you haven't been there, you really should go-- fun, fun, fun!

In addition to Ikea, Marilyn and I also did some more shopping after lunch-- some new clothes for my ever-growing second grader, a few killer adorable things for the baby, and the cutest material for the quilt Marilyn is making. It's going to be so darling-- I'll definitely take some pictures to share!

Back at home, life has just been busy, but mostly fun. Lately Gordon has been really into "reading" this ridiculous Oriental Trading Company catalog we received in the mail. He carries it around with him everywhere, and we've had to tape it up more than a couple of times. For a while, he was referring to it as "my Halloween Book", but in the past couple of days, this has shortened to "my Hallo". "Mom, where's my Hallo?" Maybe he's a marketing guru in the making?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Funny video

Chris showed me this video today and it made me laugh out loud. Enjoy!

Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jacksonville Jaguars Realize Randomness Of Life

Thursday, September 04, 2008


A little while ago, my cute friend Christy tagged me to share a picture of our dream house. Some of you know that Chris and I have had this house picked out for a long time, and we still love it. We like to talk about building it and the different things we imagine about it. In our ideal world, this house will not be in a neighborhood development, but rather, on its own plot of land, preferably somewhere in the hills or mountains. Think Jackson Hole, or maybe outside Park City.


We won't be going with a yellow exterior-- I've photoshopped this picture a few different times with dark grey siding, white siding, or, if we build it in our mountain area, a more raw, wood-ish look. We're actually kind of neutral on the exterior colors, but we love the dormer windows and the big front porch. I'd probably also add room for a three car garage.

The interior:

We love the large open family room and fireplace, the "breakfast nook", and the master bedroom with tray ceilings and the nice, big closet. We also love that the master suite is separated from the other bedrooms, and that it has a door to the back porch, which, of course, will be overlooking some kind of beautiful forest scene. I've made a few adjustments to this plan over the years, like enlarged the laundry room and connected it with the garage, so it's more of a "mud room", and rearranged the kitchen to include a corner pantry. I also have our floor styles picked out (not colors, but where we'll put tile, wood, and carpet).

We also definitely plan on building the optional second floor, which includes another bathroom, a long optional room, which will be an office, and a guest bedroom. The plan also has space for a full basement, so we'll put in a huge family/ TV/ game room (which Chris has already planned out-- it will be completely Ute themed!), a large storage area, two more bedrooms (one will be another office), and a full bathroom.

So, there you have it-- the future Hansen home. When we do build this, we won't ever leave! ;)

Thanks for the fun tag, Christy-- anyone else who wants to do this, it's pretty fun. Check out some cool plans at Frank Betz.com.

Too Cool for School

After two weeks of a daily morning fit, Gordon finally had his first day of pre-school! HOORAY!!! Let me just say that pre-school for this wild little rapscallion is a godsend, and not just because he had such a hard time watching Tom go to school for two weeks without him. Gord is our social, busy kid, and we're so excited that he can spend three mornings a week with other kids his age, doing three-year-old activities, and not going crazy with boredom all by himself at our house! YAY!!!

Gordon was SOOOOOOO excited. We told him several weeks ago that he was going to school on September 3rd, and he made sure to tell everyone who would listen. The night before, Gordon and I picked out his first day of school outfit (which, by the way, is not nearly as important as a girl thinks it is) and made sure his backpack and little fleece jacket were ready to go. On the big day, Gord was up at the crack of dawn (grumbling from Mom) and bounced all around the kitchen while eating breakfast. He got dressed, ready to go, and practically sprinted to the car-- he finally got to come along and just Dad was left at home. We dropped Tom off, then drove to Morningside School, where we took a couple of pictures, then walked in to a busy room full of other three- and four-year-olds. And then...


After so many days of anticipation, Gordon actually got a little bit sad when I tried to leave him at school! Chris predicted the separation anxiety, and honestly, I guess I did, too, but I really thought he might just run in and forget all about me. I'm sure that day will come soon enough (maybe tomorrow!), but until then, it was kind of sweet. Gordon did end up having a very fun day where he "learned about stars" and colored a big picture of the letter "G". It's going to be a fun year!

Here's my easy 2nd grader, who is just loving life at EBLS!

Monday, September 01, 2008

September is here!

I can't believe it is a new month already! I love September, for a lot of reasons, but I have to admit that I'm feeling a little unprepared for fall this year. Maybe it's because although we've had a great full summer, we didn't do everything I had planned. This is probably not such a bad thing-- after all, I really loved those Saturdays where I caught up on sleep! But still, even the weather is changing and the routines are setting in, and I'm feeling a little sad saying good-bye to summer.

We've been busy as always the last couple of weeks, though, and I've managed to capture a few of our little moments. First off, Thomas went back to EBLS on the 20th. I'm planning to do a whole "Back to School" post on Wednesday when Gordon goes to pre-schoool, since Gord is thrilled out of his mind and Thomas is used to the whole thing. I think Chris, Gordon and I were more excited for Thomas than he was for himself-- not that it wasn't a fun day, but he wasn't anticipating anything really new. He does have a new teacher this year, who so far has been great, and he was excited to see his friends again.

My boys on the first day of school-- aren't they cute?

The next day, as posted, Chris and I celebrated our anniversary. Chris took the night off, so we went to dinner at our favorite Logan restaurant, Le Nonne, where we enjoyed the spoils of a night with a babysitter. I tried to get a little bit dressed up-- as you can see, my hair isn't the only thing looking thick and full these days!

By the way, I will be doing another prego post for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. In the meantime, I'm feeling fine, just chunky, and I keep getting that 80's song by Europe in my head. "It's the final countdown... "

Since it's just the two of them in the mornings for now, Chris and Gord have been busy finding things to entertain themselves. They've taken one of the boys' favorite activities, "making a parking lot", to a whole new level!

And finally, last weekend and continuing to today, we've been doing a little home improvement work. My lovely home office is now back on the "someday" list, as it has been painted blue, refurnished with two twin beds and way too many toys, and become the big boy bedroom. Like their dad, they love to paint-- and we were mostly appreciative for the help!

Even though it's blue paint, Tom knows that our blood runs crimson red in this house!

The upstairs room, formerly Tom and Gord's lair, has been touched up with more blue paint (so convenient), and outfitted with the crib, changing table/dresser thing, and a newish rocker I found on Craig's List. I try not to have a panic attack every time I walk by!

Speaking of our Utah Utes, Saturday finally marked the first game of the season! Here's a funny little glimpse into my life with a hardcore Ute fan: Chris had a hard time sleeping last week, and when I asked if he wasn't feeling well or something, he said, "No, I'm just really nervous about Saturday." Depending on who you are, you'll find that either really cute, really funny, or really, really sad. Anyway, the Utes played awesome in the first half against Michigan in the Big House (even though there were way, way, way too many penalties, Kyle Whittingham... sheesh), and the second half was a nail-biter. My favorite quote of the day: "Make them suffer for their sins" (from Chris, of course, referring to the Ute D pounding on Michigan's poor freshman quarterback). So, let's breathe a collective sigh of relief for the Utes' first game and first victory of the season. WHEW! Next week, we'll be in SLC for the home opener against UNLV. 

Go Utes!