Sunday, October 08, 2006

10-4 Kind of funny stuff...

When we got out of the car at the Grand Canyon, we noticed this deer just sitting there right next to the parking lot. She didn't even flinch when we took this picture-- and look how close Chris and Tom got! I guess that's domestication for you!

We got a kick out of these two signs on our way back to the condo. The first is an adopt-a-highway sign from Arizona, the second is a sign just outside Panguitch, UT. Well, we got a laugh out of them!

So, that's it for my blog coverage of our Family Vacation 2006! We really had a great time and are excited to get back to Southern Utah again soon! Posted by Picasa

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jILl PeTeRsEn said...

You got some pretty funny pictures!! Thats awesome They got so close to the deer!