Sunday, October 08, 2006

10-3 Weeping Rock Hike (Zion Nat'l Park)

At Zion National Park, private vehicles can only go partway into the park. After that, a free tour shuttle takes visitors to the different stops. The kids really liked riding the shuttle at first, but Gordon got very sick of it at the end. He just likes to run around, and you can't really do that on a bus! Here he is when we first embarked on our shuttle ride-- still content, as you can see.

Our first stop was the Weeping Rock hike. The hike is only 1/2 mile round trip, but some of the parts are pretty steep. At the end of the hike, we came to the "weeping rock", where fresh water pours out of a rock with no obvious opening. It is really cool! The boys got a kick out of the water. The hike itself was very pretty!
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