Sunday, October 08, 2006

10-4 CHRIS IS 30!!!

Wednesday, October 4th was Christian's 30th birthday! It was so fun to celebrate while on vacation.

Chris woke up to Tom and me singing "Happy Birthday" and presenting him with his gifts-- binoculars from the boys (Thomas called them "looking scopes"-- cute!), and a big "new decade" gift from me: a trip to Colorado Springs in November for the Air Force/ Utah game, dinner at our favorite tasty Vietnamese restaurant in Ft. Collins with Emily and Jon, and a hotel night with me (who else?) in Denver!

 Thomas picked out this card-- hilarious, isn't it?

 Here are those tickets! I really am the best wife!

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we stopped in Fredonia, AZ and ate lunch at Nedra's Mexican Restaurant. It was so tasty and the waitress was so cute to bring Chris some birthday fried ice cream. It was a 30th birthday to remember!
 (ah, the joys of taking our own picture)

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jILl PeTeRsEn said...

Does Chris's hair always look that good when he wakes up!? Happy Birthday Chris!!! Drew has 3 more months til he turns 30!

becky ward said...

I love Chris' shirt! Happy Birthday!