Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thanks, Becky for the tags! I love these things, I'll admit it!

My Cute Man

1. Who is your man? Christian Bernard Hansen

2. How long have you been together? I received my first letter from Chris ten years ago! We met in person on November 16, 1997, started dating on November 18th, got engaged on January 1, 1998 and married August 21, 1998.

3. How long did you date? I always feel a little sheepish answering this question-- because someday my kids will probably try to justify doing the same thing-- but oh well... we dated for about 6 weeks before talking about getting married, but two whole months before I actually had a ring on my finger! So there!

4. How old is your man? 30

5. Who eats more? sweets-- me, everything else-- Chris

6. Who said "I love you" first? Chris (because he always loved me, you know)

7. Who is taller? Chris is 5'9 and I'm 5'3... perfect for kissing!

8. Who sings better? Chris!

9. Who is smarter? I think it depends on the subject-- I'd like to think that we balance each other out pretty well in smarts.

10. Whose temper is worse? Mine. I have red hair.

11. Who does the laundry? Chris will do it if I let it pile up, but he will fold everything except my clothes. I am not discriminating when it comes to folding-- I hate all of it.

12. Who does the dishes? In my ideal world, I will start the dishwasher in the evening, then Chris will unload in the morning and we'll both load the dishes throughout the day as the come. Sometimes this happens.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Chris has always slept on the right. We tried switching once and it just felt weird. We didn't last the night before switching back. In the morning after I get up, he does take the whole bed.

14. Who pays the bills? Depends on the bill.

15. Who is better at the computer? Me!!

16. Who mows the lawn? Mostly Chris. I've helped twice this year, but not with the whole lawn.

17. Who cooks dinner? Boring, everyday meals: me. Fun foods, party foods, or when we have company: Chris.

18. Who drives when you are together? Chris. I'm not a big fan of driving and he gets carsick.

19. Who pays when you go out? Chris.

20. Who is more stubborn? It depends on the issue. We both have our subjects that we're very hard-nosed about.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Chris. And I try really hard not to rub it in.

22. Whose parents do you see most? I think maybe Chris's, but we see mine quite a bit too. It's nice to have both families within a couple hours' drive!

23. Who kissed who first? Chris kissed me, which was a really good move because I was totally getting "I don't like you" vibes. Clearly, the kiss convinced me that I was reading him wrong!

24. Who asked who out? Chris took out his little blue missionary planner and penciled me in. Hee!

25. Who proposed first? Let's see... did anyone actually ask anyone if they would marry them? What's going on here?!?

26. Who is more sensitive? Probably me... but Chris has a soft spot, especially for people he loves.

27. Who has more friends? Chris would say that I do, but he is more well-liked than he'll admit.

28. Who has more siblings? Me-- 5. He has 3.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? We both wear pants, except on Sundays, when I usually wear a skirt.

So, I am tagging my family girls (the ones who actually blog, Mom!): Heidi, Emily, Amanda, Ann-Michelle, and Marilyn! Friends, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Shoes, Back to School, and Walking on Clouds

Shoe Tip

Since many of my blog readers are mothers, I'm going to let you in on a handy little secret I learned a year or so ago: anti-microbial footwear from Land's End. I don't think I will ever buy my kids shoes anywhere else.

I learned this lesson again the hard way this summer when I bought very cute and not cheap (but not super expensive, either) hybrid sandal/shoes for the boys at JC Penney. Gordon's feet have been so smelly! I don't think there is anything worse-- and he's only two! Fortunately, summer is nearing it's end and new shoes were in order and I turned to trusty Land's End to save me from Gord's stinky feet. The new shoes came today and wow, what a difference! There may be other brands out there, but the cost on these is very reasonable and last year, Tom's tennies lasted all year long and still look great (he just grew out of them). This year he chose All Weather Mocs and they are super cute! Navy blue for Gord and Olive Green for Tom-- stylin' and smell-free!

Back to School at EBLS

Tonight was Back to School Night at Edith Bowen Laboratory School, where Thomas is loving first grade. I was reminded tonight how truly blessed we are that our kids have the opportunity to attend this great school. The teachers are remarkable, the PTA is really on the ball, and the facilities are just plain awesome. I love it. I especially love Tom's teacher this year (and next year-- they keep the same teacher in grades 1-2), Mrs. Cook. She is so sweet and kind and I can tell that she just loves the kids so much.

The kids have been keeping a writing/drawing journal over the past week and Tom's entries were too cute. He drew a picture of Pacman, a computer, and a car with a little flag on it that said "Idaho". It was fun to get a glimpse into his thoughts!

The kids have a really fun year planned, but the most exciting thing (I think, anyway) that they will be doing is working with the Utah Festival Opera to put on their own opera in the spring! How cool is that?!? I can't wait!

A Walk in the Clouds

Thomas and I had a very funny conversation in the car on the way to school this morning:

Tom: Can I walk on the clouds?

Mom: No, you can't walk on clouds.

Tom: Why not?

Mom: Because, clouds are just made of really thick air. If you tried to stand on one, you'd fall right through.

Tom: But what about Jesus? Is he going to fall right through?

Mom: Well, no, he isn't. I guess Jesus can walk on the clouds in Heaven.

Tom: I really need to get to Heaven.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Like, Such As

I have never been more grateful that I am not Mario Lopez.


We love that our families are growing! In just the last month, we've welcomed two sweet new cousins to Chris's side. The first is little cherubic Garrett Andrew Myers, born July 25th to Heidi and Andy. Little Garrett is the fourth little Myers cousin and I think he looks like a sweet little cupid! We can't wait to meet this tiny little guy and reunite with his siblings when we visit Arizona in November.

(PS-- My AZ Friends-- we need to schedule a mini-reunion or something!)

Next up, Andy and Amanda welcomed beautiful Elizabeth Grace on Sunday this week! I am madly in love with that black hair! I don't know if I can wait until we see them at Christmas to run my fingers through it! We think little Lizzy is just adorable and we're sure Tyler is going to make a fantastic big brother.

Today, my cute sister Ann-Michelle called to tell me that they had an ultrasound-- and they're expecting their fourth girl!! (Ann-M, hope you don't mind the announcement on my blog!) I'm SOOOOO excited for them-- their house is just filled with fun and bouncy little girls and this new little one will be a great addition. Now, everyone cross your fingers for a redhead!

The Memory Keeper's Daugher... A Review by Elise

When I first posted on my blog that I was reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards, I received a few comments curious about my opinions about the book. I think the most common questions we readers ask each other about books is: "So, did you like it?" My response regarding this book is...well...actually, no, I didn't. I should say that I thought the premise of the book was very, very clever and I was intrigued at how the story would play out. But ultimately, I had a very difficult time feeling attached to the characters-- all of them-- and I didn't feel that connection that makes me enjoy a good read. The writing, while very descriptive, was very choppy in a lot of parts, and lacking something that I can't quite put my finger on. I found myself having a difficult time "believing" the story. To me, the best fiction feels true when you're reading it-- even if the the story is about something very fictional, like vampires or time travel or wizards. I felt like this story missed that for me. But, what do I know?-- after all, it was a bestseller. I'm curious if those of you who read it had similar experiences.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


It seems like this week, I've had a lot of experiences that remind me how blessed I am with good friends. I think it started with Saturday and seeing some old friends, and having such a great time with a best friend. I felt very grateful that Becky and I have not only kept in touch, but we've been a part of each other's lives for such a long time. I still feel like I could call her whenever about whatever and I appreciate her so much!

Earlier this week, my friend Sherrie started a blog. I was having a rotten day and I got her e-mail with the link to her blog and it immediately brightened my mood. I'm grateful for friends who blog-- I think it really helps remind us how positive and hopeful our lives are.

On Tuesday, my Mother-in-law came to visit us in Logan. The boys (all three of them!) were just thrilled to visit with her. I'm so grateful for a Mother-in-law who is not only a great mom and Grammuh to my husband and kids, but also a great friend and confidante to me.

Also on Tuesday, my best, best friend and I celebrated nine years together. We went out to a dinner at our favorite Logan restaurant, Le Nonne (just look at all of that delicious food in this picture!) and spent the evening just talking. I am infinitely grateful that my husband is not only a great husband, but also the very best friend.

On Wednesday, our sweet Thomas started FIRST GRADE! I know, I am not old enough to have a kid in first grade, but what can you do? He was so cute and excited, but also a little nervous. I am very grateful for his cute friends at school-- when he saw some familiar faces, his nerves disappeared and he took off running with a huge smile on his face. I am grateful that friendship starts early.

Thomas on the first day of first grade

And this evening, where a busy and somewhat difficult week has not quite ended, my friend Karin called to invite the boys and me to go for a little evening hike in the canyon. We went with Sean and Everett and the evening could not have come at a better time. It was so fun to get out and catch up with my dear friend, and to get some refreshing air in my lungs. I am grateful for friends who think of things like this!

Gordon and Everett

Karin and Thomas playing-- no that's not me, it's Karin-- we love redheads!

For all of my friends and family, I am grateful for your part in my life!

BHS 10 Year Reunion

We didn't go to Chris's reunion and I noticed that a lot of the alum at mine were women who had dragged their husbands with them. What does that say about reunions?

Oh well, at least I had a hot date!

Let's be honest here: I was feeling a little anxious about going to my ten-year high school reunion. Luckily, Becky, one of my best friends since elementary school, and her husband, Kevin, were going-- so I decided to take the plunge. I even bought a new shirt!

Despite my initial fears, the reunion turned out to be pretty fun. I saw a lot of old friends-- some of whom live in Logan (we're starting a club)-- and caught up with some people I had almost forgotten about. But the best part of the reunion was sitting at our table with Kevin and Becky and Steve and Angie Sargent and just laughing. It was a really fun night.

I didn't take many pictures, but check out Beck's blog because she has some good ones. I am so glad that Becky and I have stayed close the past ten years! She looked awesome, by the way!

We got a picture with fellow blogger Katie King Palmer on our way out. It really was fun to see so many old friends.

I do have to say that I really missed seeing a few good friends (Amy Stanger Harrington!) and a few that I've just been wondering about. I may have to do some Google-stalking to track them down.


No, it's not a typo-- I put the "k" in Idaho on purpose. For some reason, Gordon, who can say "I-da-ho" perfectly well, prefers to pronounce is "Idak-ho". It's kind of cute.

I feel like I am way behind on the blogging, but I think it's because we've had an extra busy week. So, as an update, last weekend, we went up to Idaho Falls for my high school reunion. Fun, fun. Actually, it wasn't bad-- I'll post about it in a minute.

The boys hung out with my parents while Chris and I partied with the Class of '97. The kids especially loved helping my dad fill in his "pit". My parents are considering selling their house and purchasing a new one in Ammon, so all plans for the waterfall are off. Oh well, you can't beat an afternoon in a tractor, right? I am not sure who had more fun-- Thomas or my dad!

We think this picture of Gordon "helping" is just classic.

Tom and Pop-Pop in the tractor.

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Gordon's cute little pout. He was pretty mad about something and I just love his pouty lower lip. Funny kid!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eyes, lips, face... for cheap!

Check it out-- Nordstrom has a new makeup line called Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.-- cute) and all of their products are currently selling for $1.00! It gets better-- you can save 50% on orders up to $20.00 by entering the promotional code carolina at check-out. I just bought 21 items (including a couple of awesome-looking make-up brushes!) and I spent $16.00 (which includes $5.00 shipping). I usually spend that on one lipstick!

Visit to check it out.

Monday, August 20, 2007

To the Nines

Nine years ago today, Chris and I were married in Idaho Falls, ID. We've made a lot of memories over the past nine years! We decided it would be fun to celebrate our nine years together by writing nine things we love about each other. Neither of us knew before this post what the other one was going to write, so this has been a fun little gift.

Nine things I love about Elise
by Chris

1. Everone knows that I love Leesta's hair. It's the reason we met. What people don't know is that I love how soft it is. I also like to see her hair change colors when it gets wet. Elise doesn't know this but I'll pull the tons of her hair from her brush (because she never does) and before I toss it I'll just hold it in my hands and play with it, stare at it from different angles, in different light. I did that just yesterday.
2. I love Leesta's smell. I can't describe it. She told me about some marriage counselor who's first question to struggling couples was "Do you like the way your spouse smells?" According to him, if they didn't, there was no hope of salvaging the relationship. I feel safe in saying that I will never have to worry about our marriage ever getting that bad, because she smells so good -- especially on the back of her neck.
3. I love Leesta's business savvy. Being a simpleton, I am constantly impressed and very much attracted by the way she can handle her own with power suit-wearing middle-aged men twice her size when it comes to numbers, making a deal, putting together reports and stuff like that.
4. I love Leesta's creativity. This Web site is proof enough that she has a knack for design. I am happy when I can get four stories on a news page, while she makes scrapbook pages that look good enough to eat. She also knows how to make our house a home.
5. I love the way Leesta turns me on when she's spunky. When she's in a really good, lighthearted mood -- usually when we're with a group of close friends -- she'll start laughing and her voice goes up a notch in volume, and she'll get all animated and blushed. It's almost like she's drunk, but without the always-embarassing effects of alcohol. It's a pure happiness that's so sexy.
6. I love Leesta's self-created convection oven when she curls up to sleep. I always complain about how hot to the touch her skin is, but every so often in winter it's nice to come into a bed she's preheated and steal her heat. I always joke she could bake dinner rolls next to her belly. I think she's nuclear, like the sun.
7. I love Leesta's freckly shoulders. There's so many of them (freckles, not shoulders). I get peeks of them when she's out of the shower or when she's wearing a bathing suit. I find it hard not to want to kiss and stroke them.
8. I love the way Leesta eats her food -- dainty without being obnoxious. And when we're at a restaurant and she's really enjoying what she's having, she'll wave her fork around and point to me with it.
9. I love how much Leesta loves her boys. From the time they were babies, she's loved looking at them and cuddling with them -- if they'll allow it. And she loves to talk about them when they are not around. True, they can be a handful, but when she goes too long without them she goes through withdrawals only a mother can.

Nine things I love about Chris
by Elise

1. Chris is the master of nicknames. In fact, in our nine years together, he has called me by my actual first name only a handful of times-- and it always sounds so weird when he does. If you're around us for any amount of time, you'll hear Chris call me "Leesta" or "Leesta Toast", my most-used nicknames. He doesn't stop with those, though-- he has a new nickname for me every few months. Some are better than others (my least favorite: "Bessie Pie", some of the good ones: "Lorna", "Strenna", and recently, "Cortalo Porchesney"), and almost all are just funny words that he has made up. Chris also makes up funny names for the boys-- we thought of introducing them as "Timodasee" and "Gerder." I love the silly nicknames and I hope Chris never stops making them up.
2. In addition to nicknames, Chris is very skilled at altering songs to include his own funny lyrics. Chris has been singing these songs to me since we were first married and it always makes me laugh. I've even heard Thomas singing some of Chris's songs! He also makes up great background beats to my nursery rhymes-- my favorite is the one he does to "Five Little Ducks".
3. Speaking of singing, but on a less goofy note, I love to hear Chris sing. The first time I heard him sing (in church, sitting next to me, we were engaged), I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying. It was the most beautiful, clear voice I had ever heard. I remember that moment as the one where I truly fell in love with Chris. He's very modest about his singing talent, which actually gives it more meaning for me because his singing never sounds forced or contrived. It's just pure and very real, and I will never tire of hearing it.
4. I think Chris is extremely handsome (and he just gets better with age!), but my most favorite physical feature (okay, I love his bum, too) are his eyebrows and eyelashes. I love how thick and full they are. I like to touch his eyebrows-- he's nice to let me. I also love how both of our boys got Chris's long eyelashes and Gordon has thick brows, just blonde. So great!
5. I have always loved reading Chris's writing. He wrote such great, entertaining letters when we first met, and now writes excellent stories for the newspaper. I have always loved the way he works with words and I am glad he has a career where he can use his talents.
6. Chris and his brother, Andy, have an uncanny ability to memorize quotes from movies (or episodes of the Simpsons) and recall them at any time. Watching certain movies with them makes a movie that wasn't all that great hilarious. Chris can also find a Simpson's moment to go with nearly any situation in life-- but he isn't the "do'h" kind of Simpson's nerd. Rather, he appreciates the subtler, more satirical comedy, which really appeals to his sense of humor. I love his wit and his ability to make me laugh.
7. I love the way Chris smells. It's not really a smell I can describe, it's just him. The first time we were apart overnight, I slept with one of his shirts close to my face, just so I could keep the smell of him near me. I love it!
8. I love that Chris is such a great dad to our boys. Not only is he responsible and kind, but he also has this great silly side that keeps them laughing all the time. They probably won't remember all of the routines I get them on or the (mostly) healthy meals or the fact that they bathe regularly, but I am positive that Thomas and Gordon will grow up with fantastic memories of laughing and playing with their dad. I couldn't ask for more than that for my kids.
9. Chris and I were engaged for eight months, which seemed incredibly long and unbearable at the time. We also lived in different cities for our entire engagement (the first time we lived in the same town was when we got married) and I had a few moments of doubt and insecurity about our impending marriage. A couple of times, I called Chris crying, undoubtedly sending him into a panic, and he would have to drive to Provo to make sure I was okay. As soon as I saw him, whatever doubt or fear I had immediately disappeared because when I was with him, I knew that was where I wanted and needed to be. This little phenomenon has happened over and over again through the past nine years and even though I'm not sure what to call it exactly, I know that it means that I am exactly where I need to be when I am with Chris. He is my ideal husband and friend in every way, and I am never more myself or at home than when I am with him.


Here's our "wedding video" in case you haven't seen it!

Happy Birthday, Grammuh!

Yesterday was Grammuh's birthday and the boys have a special wish for her!

Happy Birthday, Grammuh! We all love you so much!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tom's Birthday Bash Part Two

At our house, turning six is supposed to be extremely fun, so on Sunday, we drove down to Salt Lake to celebrate with Gramm and Gramp. Thomas was so excited to see them! Of course, there were more exciting presents (more clothes, to Tom's dismay, but Mom's excitement!) including a really awesome Utah sweatshirt that Tom can wear to a game with Dad this fall.

Gramm also made another birthday cake for Tommer-- this one was chocolate with white frosting-- yummy!

After dinner, we went over to Liberty park. Tom tested out his new Razor scooter (his favorite present from Sunday)-- he is getting really fast on it!

The kids played in the water for quite a hile, while the adults shared snow cones and cotton candy (thanks Grampuh!). Gordon was completely soaked by the time we left, no thanks to this little fountain he discovered.

I think Thomas may love cotton candy even more than he loves birthday cake. We thought he looked pretty cute with this little cotton candy beard. Check out Gramm's blog for Tom's birthday video, where you can check out his crazy cotton candy eating skills.

After Liberty Park, we headed back to Logan and ended the birthday celebrations for this year. Thanks again to Gramm and Gramp for such a fun day!

Birthday Bash Part One (continued)...

After food and presents at our house, we headed over to the Celebration Centre for a few hours of fun. The kids had a blast on the soft play (which is like a giant, but much, much cleaner McDonald's play place), a giant blow-up slide, a bounce castle, the carousel, and a thing called the Frog Hopper. It was fun to just let them run wild-- they had so much fun!

Thomas, Dallis and Hadley loved the slide. They got pretty creative going down.

Brynnie mostly just crawled around by the soft play. She's such a cute little squirt!

Gordon's favorite ride was the carousel-- he loved it!

My mom, dad, Allison and Chris and Thomas took a ride on the go-karts. Thomas had such a blast-- he especially loved passing my mom and Allison!

By the time it was time to go, we had five very tired kids and a few tired adults. We tried to get a good family shot, but you can tell that the kids were through with the whole thing.

Thanks again to my family members for spending such a fun day with us!

Tom's Birthday Bash-- Part One

Well, I didn't get to it on Friday (Thomas and I had a High School Musical 2 watching party, which was awesome), but I do want to blog about the fantastic fun that was Thomas's sixth birthday celebration. Having a summer birthday and having family close has very distinct advantages-- namely, a party that lasted all weekend long!

On Friday night, my sister, Kristie, and her husband, Todd, came to Logan from Pocatello to spend the evening with us. My kids love Kristie and Todd, and so do we (they need to blog!), and we loved having them here. Unfortunately, they had to leave on Saturday morning to get back to Idaho for a wedding. We were glad they could come, though, and, as you can see, Thomas just adores them.

On Saturday afternoon, my parents and sister Allison, and sister Ann-Michelle and her daughters, Dallis, Hadley, and Brynn, came for our family celebration. We started with a yummy lunch, including hot dogs made on Chris's hot dog machine.

After lunch, it was present time. Chris and I requested new school clothes from everyone when they asked what Thomas wanted-- this idea was not one that Thomas would have agreed with. He really got some fantastic-looking stuff, but I'm afraid his mother cares much more about how great he'll look in first grade than he will.

Oh well, he did get some gifts other than clothes-- namely, this great telescope from us!

The present Tom was most excited for on Saturday was this timer from my parents. While Chris and I were in Hawaii, the boys stayed with my mom and dad in Idaho Falls. Thomas has a (very irritating at times) habit of constantly asking how many minutes were left until an event happens. How many minutes until we go out to eat? How many minutes until we get there? How many minutes until Gordon has to take a nap? My smart mother remedied this situation by giving Thomas one of her kitchen timers, which he happily carried around with him for the whole week and checked regularly to make sure that he (and everyone else) was right on schedule. When he got his own timer for his birthday, he could not have been more pleased. Consequently, we have had to be very careful in our estimates of how long certain things actually take-- we're on the clock now!

Isn't this a lovely cake? When asked what kind of cake he wanted, Thomas was very specific: "White cake, white frosting, sprinkles, and twelve cherries."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Good lookin'

Debra, my mom's aunt, is pictured here with a very cute iguana. Not as cute as her little dog, Ozzie, but still. It was so fun to catch up with Debra at the Buck reunion and I just wanted to send her a little "shout out" from the blog. What a hottie! :)

More from the Buck Reunion

Mostly for the benefit of the Freeds, my grandparents, and any other Bucks who check out the blog (comments welcome, by the way), I thought I'd post a few more pictures from our visit in Oregon.

Little Miss Hadley Jane looking as innocent as can be!

Dall and Tom on the girls' bikes. Thanks to Todd & AM for bringing some entertainment!

I think these men are flexing their muscles... just not sure which muscles we're talking about here...

Chris and me getting our life jackets tightened up before our big rafting trip.

Todd getting ready to ride the river. We had such a blast and we all got soaked. Thanks again to Nonny and Bob for keeping their eyes on my little guys!

Still to come (and maybe even today!): Thomas's weekend-long birthday bash, my comments on SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance, for those not in the know), and more!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Thomas!!

I can't believe it-- six years ago tomorrow (August 12th), our sweet little son, Thomas Gregory, was born! Thomas has been a light in our lives since the first moment we learned of his existence on Christmas Day, 2000. He has always been a very special little person and anyone who meets Tom immediately recognizes the sweetness of his personality.

Thomas is an incredibly smart little guy and it has been so much fun to watch him learn so much this year. He has grown in so many ways in the past year and we're so proud of how brave he has been in taking on new challenges. Tom loves to do fun things (what kid doesn't!?) and asks me, at least once a day, "So Mom, what's exciting?" He is also a great brother and has shown his very kindest side when it comes to his little brother. The other night, we were testing out telescopes at my boss's house and my boss told the kids that if they saw a satellite, they could name it after themselves. Thomas saw one and when asked what he wanted to name his satellite, he said, "Gordon."

Making his little montage made me very nostalgic remembering those first days with our first little son. I am so proud of the wonderful boy he is becoming and I will always be grateful that he is the sweet person who made us a family six year ago!

Happy Birthday, Tommer!!

Buck Reunion!

It was a long drive and too short a visit, but we're so glad we were able to make it to the Buck Reunion in Oregon last week! My Grandma Nonny and her siblings and their families get together for a few days each year, and we were fortunate to join them. We camped at Belknap Hot Springs Resort in Mackenzie Bridge, OR for a couple of nights and we had a great time. Our only complaint was that we had to leave way too soon!

Chillin' with Ann-Michelle-- the Freed Fam was awesome to let us set up camp on the deck of their cabin.

The hot springs were a little too... well, hot... but the kids (and big kid Chris) did have fun dipping their toesies!

Belknap has some awesome gardens that the kids had a blast running around in. Their faces may not show it, but they really did have a great time.

The most fun part about this trip was when Chris, Todd, my parents, Allison and I joined a bunch of other Buck-related people for a half-day river rafting trip on the MacKenzie River. While we were waiting for the trip to start, Todd, Chris and I had fun goofing off with my dad (who is taking this picture)...

The kid who was taking this picture was a little nervous apparently, since he was shaking the camera bad enough not to give us a clear picture. Oh well-- we still look like we're about to have a great time!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

How about Twavis?

We love to joke about baby names, especially with Chris's siblings. Today I found
this article that made me laugh out loud. I especially like the quote from the dad.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Boy Heaven

What is the saying? "Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails"? Well, they sure got the snake part right!

This evening, Thomas and Gordon and I went into Logan Canyon to participate in the Reptile presentation by the folks at Stokes Nature Center. It was really fun! We got to touch two live snakes-- a gopher snake and a garter snake (both non-venomous)-- and we discussed several different kinds of reptiles. An interesting tidbit: Did you know that more people die each year from bee stings than they do from snake bites? Maybe Indiana Jones needs to rethink his greatest fear!

I think our little adventure was as close as we can get to Heaven for our Gord. Look at the expression of pure affection on his face as he meets a garter snake!

We took our obligatory jaunt to the river and Gordy came prepared. He is just too cute-- and 100% boy!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Call me Elizabeth

I copied Emily and took this Jane Austen quiz. I do love Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Bennet is one of my faves. Especially when she hooks up with Collin Firth, I mean Mr. Darcy.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!