Thursday, October 05, 2006

Family Vacation 2006

Hello!! I hope those of you who visit our blog regularly missed us while we were on vacation this week! :) We're actually still out (but just in Salt Lake) and I've been dying to get on the computer. Pathetic, isn't it?

Well, the four of us spend a wonderful week in Southern Utah for our first nuclear family vacation. Chris and I have been on a couple of trips just the two of us, then we've been on several family trips either with extended family or to visit them, but this is the first time the Chris Hansen family has gone on vacation with just the four of us. We had a great time!

We stayed at a condo at the Brian Head ski resort, just three miles West of Cedar Breaks National Monument. Our condo was the perfect "home base"-- within a couple of hours of all of our adventures! We were also able to stay near the condo and explore Brian Head a little bit-- what a cool place!

So, without further ado, here's the Hansen Family Vacation 2006!

On our way out, I took this picture of Southern Wellsville. Don't we live in a pretty area?
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