Monday, October 01, 2007

September Snow in SLC

When it comes to excuses, I think snow in September is a good one to use for missing a football game-- at least that's what we decided while traveling down to Salt Lake from Logan on Saturday morning. Snow in September?! Crazy!

Instead, we decided to hang out at Chris's parents house, build a fire, eat tasty wings from The Wing Coop, and watch the game on TV. Much more comfortable, in my opinion! Despite the snow, the Utes still managed to pull off a win-- not that we're really celebrating that much-- the Aggies aren't good at all this year. Poor Aggies.

While Chris was chopping wood (which he loves to do), the little boys tromped around in the slushy snow. As you can see, we weren't really prepared for such wintry weather!

After playing in the chilly outdoors, nothing feels better than warming up by a fire. Gordon is a little bit afraid of fire, so it took him a little while to get used to it. But, I think he finally started to enjoy warming his little buns.

Later that evening, Grammuh and Grampuh took us to Shiver's for some tasty fried goodness. The boys had more fun crawling around on the little train than they did eating, but that wasn't really a surprise. Thomas is really into winking, which is cuter in person than it is on film.

Sunday was Grampuh's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAMPUH! Chris's birthday is on Thursday this week, so we had a double celebration at the Little America Sunday Brunch. Thomas was really excited about getting the piano player to play "Happy Birthday", and he was more thrilled than either of the birthday boys about the cake and candles. Ah, to be young!

Tom and the Birthday Boy

Later, it was time for presents. We brought some tasty honey and other treats from Logan's own Cox Honeyland, which we enjoyed atop Grammuh's famous waffles (clearly, it's all about eating with us). Chris was spoiled with some new Ute gear, Wallace Stegner's Salt Lake City, and seasons 1&2 of It's Always Sunny. And it's not even his birthday yet!

We had such a fun weekend! Thanks again, Gramm and Gramp! We love you!!

October is going to be a crazy, fun, busy month for us! I'll try very hard to keep the blogs coming-- if you're anything like me, a week between posts puts you into withdrawals!

And one more thing-- Since no one guessed right, and Chris isn't finished yet, I'm extending the blog contest another couple of weeks! Here's a hint: He's yellow, he likes fruit, and Tom will be dressing up like him on Halloween!


Todd said...

crap- all of the characters we are familiar with like junk food- unless it is PacMan- does he eat fruit or ghosts? Hmmmmm

Jen and Bryan said...

big bird?

Elena said...

oooh, oooh, I am going to second the Pac Man theory!!!

michael said...

I hope it's not big bird for Tom's sake. I can't imagine him looking back at pictures of the Halloween he dressed up as big bird. Just kidding. That sunday brunch makes me wish we were going back to SLC.

becky ward said...

I love a fire on a snowy day! cute picture of Gordon warming his buns. Looks like a great way to spend a wintry weekend!

Christy said...

I, too, go through posting withdrawals. Looks like you had fun this past weekend. Too bad the Aggies couldn't win the game. We must really be terrible if we can't beat the Utes this year. :)

Caitlan said...

Ahh of course it's Pac-Man!! How could I have missed that? Tom is obsessed with Pac-Man hahah

Emily said...

Can PacMan wink? I wish I could see that. Can't wait to see you and Chris in a couple weeks!