Monday, October 29, 2007

What kind of car does Dracula drive?


On Friday, I decided to participate in a blood drive at HRI. To be honest, there are few things I hate worse than giving blood, but I get suckered in with the "every 2 seconds someone in America needs blood" and the fact that I am healthy enough to donate. And besides, it's almost Halloween-- giving blood seems appropriate.

Anyway, it turned out to be quite the dramatic afternoon for me. I filled my pint pretty quickly (under 6 minutes) and at the very end, I felt really dizzy and faint. I was given a bunch of ice packs and some water, and while I was coming to my senses, the technician accidentally spilled some of my blood on my pants.
He was so embarrassed, it was actually kind of funny. So, instead of letting him just clean me off quietly, we had to make a big deal and take pictures. Poor guy, he'll probably never recover!

You can donate, too! Be sure to drink lots of water!!


Elena said...

Way to go! You'll have to ask Ben sometime about his blood donating experience. It's pretty good.

Emily said...

Good for you!
My first experience getting blood drawn was done by a trainee or something. The needle was very big and he had to stick the needle in me about five times. No blood came. Then I started fainting. So they sent me to the AARP people. THANK GOODNESS.
Then when I've tried to donate after getting my nerves up, which has been twice, they are always too full to take me, I think it's a sign.