Monday, October 29, 2007

Party in Poky Part I

On Friday, we were invited to two Halloween parties in Pocatello, ID! We can't pass up a party, even if it does take us 90 minutes to get there. After my blood drive trauma, I was running very late, so we didn't get to Ryan and Nicki Stanton's party until it was over. Fortunately, they are awesome friends and they let us come in and enjoy the remains of a really great party.

Nicki is the Halloween party goddess-- every year she does something different. Last year, the kids brought boxes decorated like cars and watched a "drive-in movie" in the garage. This year, Nicki made an entire 9-hole mini-golf course in her back yard! Seriously, the girl goes all out. (Note to self: get Ryan and Nicki to start a blog!)

Our favorite part of visiting the Stantons is seeing how well our kids play together. Thomas and Jacob (who is 2 years younger) have such a great time. They've become best little buds!

Brody and Gordon are a bit closer in age and they are starting to get along really well. The kids play so well together that the adults can actually have a decent conversation-- so nice!

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