Monday, October 29, 2007

Party in Poky Part II

After the Stanton's, we hurried up to Todd and Kristie's house where a DeArton party was brewing! All of the kids were dressed up and they looked so cute!! I loved that we got to see the Freed girls in their princess regalia, especially since we won't see them on Halloween.

Brynnie looks so darling in her little witch costume!

Kristie did such a great job hosting the party-- she had a bunch of yummy food and cute mini-pumpkins for the kids to decorate. She also gave everyone little gifts-- the kids got these lollipops with funny mouths on the end.

Princesses or demons-- you decide...

Gordon will be "Bob the Builder" this year-- and he is quite excited about it. He especially loves his hat and his tool belt with "building" sound effects. More pictures of Gord the Builder on Halloween.

Kristie also bought cool Halloween socks for all of the girls. Don't our toesies look cute?

Thanks again Todd & Kristie for a great night!!


Elena said...

Wow, what fun parties! I wish I had enough ambition to throw a fun one like that. Better yet, I wish someone would invite me to their ambitious party. :) (I love those suckers, so funny.)

Todd said...

the sucker poses are great- i am glad we do stuff like this with our kiddies!! thanks for always remembering your camera, as i always forget mine! we love you guys! a-m

becky ward said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It's always fun to see your cousins in their Halloween costumes.