Wednesday, October 10, 2007

General Conference Weekend

We were excited to host my entire family (minus my brother Jake, who is currently serving an LDS Mission in Vladivostok, Russia) for LDS General Conference Weekend. General Conference is held twice a year, and usually comes with mixed feelings for me: good because it's always interesting to hear the latest updates and topics from the Church leadership, and not-so-good because I have a tendency to guilt trip myself after hearing all of the things I should be doing. This year, I decided to give myself credit for the progress I've made in the last six months, and just listen for anything that really speaks to me. I found that this approach works much better than the guilt!

Anyway, Saturday morning brought my parents and my youngest sister, Allison, from Idaho Falls. Apparently the weather was really bad on their way down, so we were glad they made it safely! My mom and I did a bit of scrapbooking during the Saturday conference sessions, and we all enjoyed just hanging out.

Saturday we received the announcement that Henry B. Eyring was called to serve in the First Presidency of the Church. Elder Eyring has been one of my favorites for a long time, so I felt personally pleased with this announcement. He is a great example of intelligent humility, and I think he will make a great impact as a leader of the Church.

Late Saturday afternoon, the Freeds and Flatlands (yes, I made Kristie and Todd start a blog-- YAY!) arrived. While the Todds, my dad and Chris went to the Priesthood session, the girls went out on the town.

Kristi gave Allison a little mini-makeover. She looked pretty cute!

We went to Costa Vida and Sweetly Divine for some good eats with my good friend, Karin, while a well-paid baby-sitter watched our kids. We had a great time laughing and just hanging out together. I think we should do a girls night out more often!

Kristie, Ann-Michelle, Mom, Allison, Me ready for a night on the town!

On Saturday night, Kristie and Todd drove down to Provo to pick up Caitlan, so that all of us were together on Sunday. We had a great breakfast and lunch, and even managed to pack in a few games.

My boys always love having their aunties around. They're such cute little turds, I had to post some pictures of them! :)

I loved sharing conference weekend with my fun fam. I'm excited for next conference in April when Jake will be home!

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Elena said...

Tom and his wink. Cracks me up. He's gonna be a real ladies' man someday! And Gordon is so cute!