Monday, October 08, 2007

Chris' Birthday Bash

Okay, so Bash may be a bit of a stretch, but we did try to give Chris a nice celebration for his 31st. To start off the day, the boys and I woke him up (which he just loved) with a Happy Birthday song and some lovely gifts. I realize that new clothes really don't match up to the fantastic gifts he received last year. However, I did think it was cute that I let Thomas pick out any shirt he wanted and this is what he chose:

Clearly, the boy knows his father well!

Later, Gordon and I took Chris out for lunch at Chili's. He declined the invitation to have the servers sing citing "too full for dessert" as an excuse. Oh well, here's our cute birthday man with his birthday steak.

One thing you may not know about Chris is that he does not like cake. The exception to this rule is the "Better than...Lovins" cake, which loses its cakey taste in the caramel and sweetened condensed milk. Luckily for Chris, his co-workers, Christy and Holly, made him one of these yummy cakes, and Holly and Shane brought in some cabbage and kielbasa for dinner. Not to be outdone, the boys and I came in with ten red balloons (I was afraid of driving around with 31 balloons in the backseat, so ten was a good number) and a fresh blueberry pie from Sweetly Divine. What a spoiled, spoiled man!

Of course, to Chris' utter delight, I made everyone pose for a picture.

Here's to a great year, babe!


Todd said...

so my birthday is in march and i like coconut cream pie- in case that information is ever useful! a-m

Christy said...

It was fun! I'm glad you and the kids came in for cake.

Elena said...

Jarom got keilbasa and sauerkraut for his birthday too. Of course, he didn't get the pluthera of desserts though. I think Chris was a lucky guy.