Friday, October 05, 2007

He's a marshmallow Gord

Today I took Thomas to get his hair cut and afterward to the store to pick out a little treat. He chose the multi-colored mini marshmallows, which I think sounded quite gross, but both boys just love them. At least they're a treat I won't touch!

Gordon was eating the marshmallows (stuffing his mouth completely full of them, rather) and I started singing, "He's a marshmallow Gord in the winter" (to the tune of Dean Martin's old hit).

"Mom!" Gordon yelled, interrupting me. "I not a motmennow! I a boy!"


Christy said...

I've decided that he is the cutest little boy...and you were right, those baby pictures of Chris look exactly like Gordon with dark hair!

Emily said...

Found your blog through--- who knows where and just had to say how cute it is! I have two boys too... this story is HILARIOUS! ;)

Ashley said...

How come the date changed on "guess what Chris is making?" It was originally the 5th, and Im dying to know!!!