Monday, April 09, 2007

We love the Wards!

It's true: this is a week plus late post! We had a fun visit from Kevin, Becky, Owen and 3/4 Baby Ward the first weekend in April. We love the Wards-- they are so fun! We love how much Owen and our boys get along and we love visiting with Kevin and Becky. We just wish they lived a bit closer (hint hint!)!

Becky and I have been friends since elementary school. I love that we've been able to keep in touch for so long. Isn't she cute?!

I only managed to get one picture of the boys (Gordon and Owen are only two months apart) but you can see that they have a fun time together. It's fun for our little guys to have friends.


The Myers Family said...

You're so lucky to have such good friends. And it sounds like you both do a good job staying connected with each other. I haven't been in touch with my friends over the years as much as I'd like. But the blog thing helps!

Elena said...

ADOREABLE picture of the two of you!! I love getting together with good friends. There's nothing like the ones you've had since childhood.

becky ward said...

I am so glad that Chris followed my instructions and left my big belly out. Thanks Chris. We have so much fun visiting you. We wish we lived closer too!