Monday, April 30, 2007

C is for Conifer

Ah yes, the spectacular Colorado Blue Spruce... wait, these aren't "spectacular"? Ha ha...

I took the boys and met my parents and Caitlan on Friday evening at Alpine Gardens in Perry, UT for their special after-hours sale. The sale did not disappoint, and we came home with three baby spruces to plant in the northwest corner of our backyard. Aren't they sweet little things? "Spectacular" is a few years away...

In addition to the conifers, we also found a lovely Pacific Sunset Maple for the front yard. Chris named it "Stockton" and planted it in a very nice spot (picked by yours truly!).

We also bought a couple of easy-to-grow aspens for the South corner of the back and some cute little shrubs to line the side yard.

With all of these items at an extra 10% off, I certainly enjoyed my little shopping spree!

Our yard is really starting to look lovely, minus the dandelions, of course. For that problem, I took my mother-in-law's advice and bought a Weed Hound. It's a fantastic little contraption. I did a bit of weeding today and found myself humming a certain tune from the Beastie Boys as I went about the yard searching and destroying. As I was busy at work, my neighbors pulled into their driveway with several weed-destruction tools in tow. I wonder if they've been reading my blog?

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Elena said...

Oh how fun! I love landscaping!!! Your yard is looking very nice.