Friday, April 13, 2007


Tom's first soccer game was held on Thursday afternoon against "Bridger Team 5". There were two kids on the other team who really knew how to play. Everyone else just chased the ball around the field. Despite the loss (and who was counting anyway, except the one kid who was a foot taller than everyone else... hey-- what is the regulation age here anyway? Does he have a birth certificate with him?) Thomas and his teammates had a great game. They managed to (accidentally, I think) score once, and it was met with a huge roar from the sideline. It was really fun to see how much the parents enjoyed watching their kids.

One of Tom's teammates, also a classmate at EBLS, is from Korea and speaks English as a second language. His parents were really into the game and were so cute, jumping up and down, yelling, "JUST KICK THE BALL!!" Hilarious!

As you can see from this video, Thomas is still learning some of the rules of the game...

Thomas does a great job of running with the ball-- even if it's just to chase it to the other team's goal. Even though the other team scores in this video, you can see how quick our little guy is!

Here's our little rock star resting up with some iTunes after a great game.

Thomas isn't in this one, but I thought you'd all enjoy a slice of life in Logan. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that child has a mullet.

For all of the grannies and aunties out there who are interested in seeing a live game, the schedule is as follows:
Saturday (tomorrow) 2:00 PM
Thursday 4-19 6:30 PM
Thursday 4-26 6:30 PM
Saturday 4-28 1:00 PM
Tuesday 5-1 6:30 PM
Saturday 5-5 10:00 AM
Tuesday 5-8 5:30 PM
Saturday 5-12 12:00 Noon

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Marilyn said...

Go Tom! He IS fast! What a talented little guy and such a good sport. I say Tom's coach finds a ringer for their team - maybe Chris could pretend to be a beginner! He could trim his long hair into a mullet, too! GOAL!!