Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Sunday with the DeArtons

My parents and Caitlan visited us on Easter Sunday. It was so fun to have them in our home. We enjoyed a tasty dinner of marinated pork chops, twice baked potatoes, our favorite spinach, craisin, pecan and feta salda, and yummy brazilian cake for dessert. Afterward, we enjoyed our new favorite game, Bananagrams.

Thomas really wanted to play a round by himself. I thought the Hansen folks, who gifted this fun game to us, would get a big kick out of the video of Tom's words.

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Marilyn said...

Good job, Tom! I had to speak at our enrichment meeting last week and I told all the sisters they should have Bananagrams in their 72 hour kits! (The whole meeting was about emergency preparedness - my LEAST favorite subject, but that's a whole other story...)