Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Red and White Game

Like the true Ute Fans that we are, we joined my in-laws at Rice Eccles Stadium for the annual Red and White Game. Chris really loves getting a Spring preview of his favorite football team-- I think it's a nice appetizer to the real games in the fall. And the nice thing about this game is that the Utes always win!

After the game, fans can go onto the field and get pictures and autographs with the players. Here is our Tommer with one of Chris's favorite all-time players, now a defensive coach, Morgan Scalley.

Gramm and Gramp were fun sports-- especially Gramp giving up his Coke to Thomas, who complained that his Sprite "honks his nose." What a nice Grampuh!

Chris and the boys enjoyed the view from the sports-box level at the stadium.

Although he tried to stay awake, Gordon finally gave into his sleepiness and missed out on running around the field. What a sweet little goober!


Marilyn said...

Go Utes! We had so much fun!

Elena said...

Ever a true fan!!! Looks like a fun day.