Thursday, April 12, 2007

On Saturday, we went to the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville for our 2nd annual trip to Baby Animal Days. There is just something about being outside on a farm with a bunch of baby animals that really gets me in the mood for Spring.

When we arrived, a family was leaving and offered us their handcart. Chris was pretty excited to walk in his ancestor's footsteps, albeit in shorts and sandals. But still, the boys really liked riding instead of walking and the little adventure added some "old West" spirit to our afternoon.

One of the most fun things about Baby Animal Days is the opportunity to get hands-on with some of the little animals. Thomas was not interested in touching much, but Gordon was (as usual) just the opposite. He especially enjoyed mauling this poor baby chick.

The boys really enjoyed seeing all of the animals. There were even some adult chickens to observe; some were kind of pretty.

And of course, the puppies-- Gordon's favorite part.

In addition to seeing the baby animals, the kids also got to play percussion instruments. It was loud, but fun.


Elena said...

HOw fun is that! I love baby animals in the spring time too. There's just something about little lambs and chicks that makes it feel like spring.

Marilyn said...

I love the picture of you prying Gord's fingers off the little chick!

Marilyn said...

Okay, on closer examination I see that it's CHRIS'S hand doing the prying. AND Chris could actually pass for Thomas Giles with his long hair!

becky ward said...

What a fun idea! Owen would have loved that.