Monday, April 30, 2007

Cute Gordy-Gord

He may have TROUBLE written all over him, but I am just in love with this silly little stinker! Gordon is not quite 2, but he is certainly practicing. Along with the tantrums, the struggles for independence, and the constant fights with his older brother, this age is also bringing some of the sweetest parts of Gordon's personality out. Just looking at his huge eyes and snaggle-tooth grin makes me break out into a big smile!

So maybe a lot of the "terrible twos" really aren't much fun, but the kisses, giggles, and spunkiness of this kid make it all worth it!


Elena said...

He is a little cutie-pie! And I personally love his antics. :) When is his birthday? I always thought he was so much older than Kate, but they are really pretty close.

Marilyn said...

He is a sweetie! I love his rough-and-tumble ways!

The Myers Family said...

Sounds like you and Chris are truly enjoying each phase of your boys' childhood! You are good examples of what great parents should be and your boys are wonderful guys! XOXOX!