Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Springtime Saturday

After the egg hunt and before Baby Animal Days, I took the boys the elementary school next door to play. Saturday was such a gorgeous day. I was very glad to have a digital camera-- I think I took about 150 pictures in one day! Here are the two cutest of the littles: I love how bright they look!

Thomas is still quite unsure about riding a bike. We've taken off the training wheels and he has identified "summer" as the time he plans to learn to ride. Consequently, he refuses to even try in the Spring.

I have told Tom that he is too big to ride his old trike, but I will concede as long as he is willing to tow Gordon. He's pretty good to share (after all, a trike is much less scary than a two-wheeled bike, even if you do have to give your brother a lift) and I caught them "sharing" very sweetly on the way home from the school.


The Myers Family said...

Sophie has just learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. At Tom's age she was also very resistant to bike-riding, but slowly came around! And I'll never forget Chris and his big-wheel--I loved riding it, too and I'm sure we were at least Tom's age! What cute boys--that is fun to watch them on video.

Marilyn said...

I remember Chris riding that Dukes of Hazzard bike back and forth in front of our house. He kept falling off and getting back on again, refusing any help from me or Gary. He's a do-it-yourselfer for sure! Too bad that bike ended up in the ditch, thanks to some little neighborhood thugs.
That video is just too cute!

Elena said...

What cute little friends. I love it when they play together like that. My Halle won't ride her bike either. She says summer is a good time too. I loved the picutre of Tom at the playground. The colors are perfect.

becky ward said...

Fun pictures! The bright colors get me so excited for the summertime. THe video of them sharing is adorable.