Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Nemesis

This picture actually makes them look kind of pretty, but these little yellow weeds are making me crazy! Our front yard is unfenced and borders two neighbor yards on either side. On the South side (where the majority of our front yard is, thankfully), our neighbors take impeccable care of their yard. They mow, fertilze, the whole bit. On the North side, however, our neighbors seem to have lawn care at the low end of their priority list. Hence, their dandelion problem has now become our dandelion problem. And not just dandies, but also crabgrass and clover. The sight is not pretty!

We've sprayed once, but apparently our efforts need to be much more consistant than that. My friend even suggested spraying our lawn and our neighbor's. I'm strongly considering it.


Marilyn said...

You have to get a Weed Hound. I bought one today after hearing so many people sing it's praises and it is the bomb! Seriously, you know the lawn of the neighbor across the street - DANDILION CITY! Anyway, I have professionals spraying my lawn and I STILL get those pesky little buggers. You will love this tool. I got mine at freddy smith's. Go to and you can see it in action. (Geez, I sound like a commercial.)

Elena said...

Hey at least your boys will be able to give you lots of dandelion bouquets this summer! :)

Do you have a home owners association? Maybe they could write the neighbors a letter telling them to spray their weeds???? How obnoxious.

Kristine said...

Oh no! Hope you get the problem under control ! The picture is really cool, by the way! I am currently enrolled in a photography class to hopefully teach me how to take photos like this :)

Elise said...

The picture is cool and I wish I could take credit for it... but it's not mine. I found it online. Photography class-- what a good idea!