Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving! (Finally)

Thanksgiving DAY! After the race, my mom and her aunt, Debra (seated to my left below), went to work preparing the most amazing Thanksgiving feast! Honestly, I think this was the best Thanksgiving meal at my parent's house-- everything was divine. I even learned that I actually do love stuffing-- as long as it's my mom's cornbread stuffing-- SO YUMMY!! After dinner, the Todds, Caitlan and I "regaled" everyone with a Thanksgiving Hymn (For the Beauty of the Earth).

Thanksgiving Day could not have been more perfect. We raced in the morning, relaxed and ate in the afternoon, played games and laughed in the evening, then my sisters and I took a trip to Denny's for some chicken wings and brownie sundaes. I was so glad that all five sisters had a chance to hang out-- we really do have a fun time together.

I just adore Ann-Michelle's sweet little girlie-girl, Brynnie. She is a sweet pea. On Saturday night, while her parents and the rest of the crew were up late playing games, Brynnie cuddled with me and fell fast asleep-- it was so sweet, especially because my boys won't do that unless they're sick. I could just eat her up!

The best seat in the house: Pop-Pop's lap.

Since poor Chris had to work on T-Day, my kind mother offered to make a second complete Thanksgiving feast on Saturday. Now that's what I call generosity!! Debra and my mom spent another day in the kitchen, this time tightening up their cooking schedule a bit. The dinner was every bit as fantastic as Thursday's, and all of us, especially Chris, appreciated the efforts. Debra made a beautiful cherry pie-- my contribution was printing out the pattern for the leaves! (I also set the table and did the dishes, so don't think I was totally lying down on the job.)

Before our delicious dinner, Chris, my dad, the Stantons, Caitlan and I watched the BYU Utah game. I always love this game, not just because of the endless taunting, but because both teams always pull out all the stops and play an awesome game. It's almost always a close one! This year, freakishly reminiscent of last year, BYU ran away with the win in a last minute play. Blah. Chris, ever the good sport, quickly got over it and started thinking about basketball and next year's football season, where he hopes the Utes will inflict some sweet revenge.

In the meantime, nothing can chase away the BYU blues like some tasty turkey!

Even though she goes to BYU, Caitlan still found it in her heart to hug her little Ute nephew.

After church on Sunday, I gathered my little family up for some pictures. We did get a few good ones (as seen on the lovely Christmas header)-- there is something about the timer that my boys just love. Per Thomas' request, we also made some silly faces.

Happy Belated Turkey Day!


Holly said...

I would love to take some pictures of your family! I need the practice too. That would be fun. You tell me when!

Caitlan said...

Yay this year was good, better than last for sure. I'm way glad we got a chance to hang out!

Todd said...

Yay thanksgiving was awesome. Next year im going to actually win at scrabble.