Monday, November 26, 2007

Run, Ye Thankful People, Run

On the cold, crisp Thanksgiving morn, TEAM DeARTON rocked the 3rd Annual Run to Feed the Hungry in Idaho Falls. This was our 2nd year participating in this race, and we're planning to make it a new DeArton family tradition. We had a blast and I loved that my whole family participated!

My good friend, Nicki, was the only non-DeArton, and it was awesome to run with her. Nicki ran the Top of Utah Marathon a few years ago, so she is definitely a seasoned runner. We ran together and finished with my personal best time of 27:42! Sweet!

Nicki and Elise pre-race

It was freezing in IF, but at least the sky was blue and sunny. Our group consisted of 5K Runners Nicki, Caitlan, Mom and me, 5K Walkers Dad, Todd, Kristie, Allison, Debra and Ann-Michelle (who is 8 months pregnant and completed the walk!). Along with my grandparents, who walked a 5K in South America, we contributed $300 to the Idaho Falls Food Bank!

(Back L to R: Dad, Caitlan, Mom, Ann-Michelle, Todd, Nicki, Allison, Kristie; Front: Debra, Elise)

Me with my cute little sis, Caitlan

After the race, we donned our Carolina Blue shirts (a Team DeArton exclusive) and had a blast cheering for the rest of the racers and just goofing off. Don't we make a great team?

Of course, we had to pose with the Turkey!

While we were waiting for the prize drawing (what is up with waiting around forever to draw prizes? Annoying.), we decided to take some action shots high-fiving the Turkey. Thank goodness for digital cameras with LCD screens-- we had more fun looking at the instant pictures of our selves than anything else. We were laughing hysterically-- the pictures are funny, but I think we were a little high after our adrenaline rush and we thought everything was beyond hilarious. I seriously thought Caitlan was going to wet herself.

The picture of my dad is the best!

My Dad






Ashley said...

Elise! I don't think "marathon" will ever be in my vocabulary...whether it is preceeded by "half" "walking" or even "watched" I think I am going to try to keep up a little running and still with some 5Ks. You rock and I LOVE your high five pictures- isnt it great to be your ridiculous self with people who absolutely adore you???

Elena said...

No, I don't think you were high, those pictures are hilarious! I cracked up right out loud. Way to go and after being out so late the night before!!!

Marilyn said...

Your family always has so much fun together! Lucky!

Caitlan said...

Hahahahh those pictures still make me laugh. Oh my goodness. Haha anyway- that was a fun race. And thanks for posting them- I'll conveniently save them to my computer.:)

Christy said...

That time is AMAZING! Good job!

becky ward said...

Hillarious pictures! I am impressed at how high you all can jump. The race looked like a great way to start your Thanksgiving morning. Someday I will have to join your team.

Becca said...

That really looks like fun . . . I want to run in the Feed the Hungry 5K. You beat my own personal best 5K time by two minutes plus some--sweet.

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

What a cute family! I am so impressed that everybody ran or walked.