Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Away Game

For the weekend of October 26-27, Chris and I went to Fort Collins, CO for our Second Annual Away Game. We had so much fun last year, that we're trying to make one Utah Football out-of-state away game part of our yearly travels. Since Emily, Jon and Abby live in Fort Collins where Jon is going to graduate school at CSU, the trip was definitely a necessity!

I have to say, I love away games almost more than home games. Sure, home games are fun-- everyone is wearing red, the announcers get much more excited about Utah (or Les Schwab) First Downs, and the kettle corn is way better at Rice Eccles Stadium than anywhere else I've tried. But at an away game, where they group the visiting fans in the far west corner, and where we have to sing "Utah Man" on our own, there is a certain spirit of being a true football fan that you just can't beat.

Little Abby came during the 4th quarter-- it had gotten pretty chilly, and she looked so cute all bundled up!

After the game, (the Utes won, by the way!), the team came over to sing Utah Man with the fans. Chris was so cute-- I don't think he could be more proud to be a Ute!


becky ward said...

I can almost see the tears whellin' in his eyes! How fun!

Elena said...

Look at that pride!!! :)