Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tom's Birthday Bash Part Two

At our house, turning six is supposed to be extremely fun, so on Sunday, we drove down to Salt Lake to celebrate with Gramm and Gramp. Thomas was so excited to see them! Of course, there were more exciting presents (more clothes, to Tom's dismay, but Mom's excitement!) including a really awesome Utah sweatshirt that Tom can wear to a game with Dad this fall.

Gramm also made another birthday cake for Tommer-- this one was chocolate with white frosting-- yummy!

After dinner, we went over to Liberty park. Tom tested out his new Razor scooter (his favorite present from Sunday)-- he is getting really fast on it!

The kids played in the water for quite a hile, while the adults shared snow cones and cotton candy (thanks Grampuh!). Gordon was completely soaked by the time we left, no thanks to this little fountain he discovered.

I think Thomas may love cotton candy even more than he loves birthday cake. We thought he looked pretty cute with this little cotton candy beard. Check out Gramm's blog for Tom's birthday video, where you can check out his crazy cotton candy eating skills.

After Liberty Park, we headed back to Logan and ended the birthday celebrations for this year. Thanks again to Gramm and Gramp for such a fun day!


Marilyn said...

I would have to agree with Tom on the cotton-candy thing. I love it, too, and if anybody ever wanted to make me a cotton-candy-birthday-cake it would be awesome!

Elena said...

Wow! I would have to say that you REALLY partied for his birthday. What fun. And I think he'll look great in first grade.