Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Shoes, Back to School, and Walking on Clouds

Shoe Tip

Since many of my blog readers are mothers, I'm going to let you in on a handy little secret I learned a year or so ago: anti-microbial footwear from Land's End. I don't think I will ever buy my kids shoes anywhere else.

I learned this lesson again the hard way this summer when I bought very cute and not cheap (but not super expensive, either) hybrid sandal/shoes for the boys at JC Penney. Gordon's feet have been so smelly! I don't think there is anything worse-- and he's only two! Fortunately, summer is nearing it's end and new shoes were in order and I turned to trusty Land's End to save me from Gord's stinky feet. The new shoes came today and wow, what a difference! There may be other brands out there, but the cost on these is very reasonable and last year, Tom's tennies lasted all year long and still look great (he just grew out of them). This year he chose All Weather Mocs and they are super cute! Navy blue for Gord and Olive Green for Tom-- stylin' and smell-free!

Back to School at EBLS

Tonight was Back to School Night at Edith Bowen Laboratory School, where Thomas is loving first grade. I was reminded tonight how truly blessed we are that our kids have the opportunity to attend this great school. The teachers are remarkable, the PTA is really on the ball, and the facilities are just plain awesome. I love it. I especially love Tom's teacher this year (and next year-- they keep the same teacher in grades 1-2), Mrs. Cook. She is so sweet and kind and I can tell that she just loves the kids so much.

The kids have been keeping a writing/drawing journal over the past week and Tom's entries were too cute. He drew a picture of Pacman, a computer, and a car with a little flag on it that said "Idaho". It was fun to get a glimpse into his thoughts!

The kids have a really fun year planned, but the most exciting thing (I think, anyway) that they will be doing is working with the Utah Festival Opera to put on their own opera in the spring! How cool is that?!? I can't wait!

A Walk in the Clouds

Thomas and I had a very funny conversation in the car on the way to school this morning:

Tom: Can I walk on the clouds?

Mom: No, you can't walk on clouds.

Tom: Why not?

Mom: Because, clouds are just made of really thick air. If you tried to stand on one, you'd fall right through.

Tom: But what about Jesus? Is he going to fall right through?

Mom: Well, no, he isn't. I guess Jesus can walk on the clouds in Heaven.

Tom: I really need to get to Heaven.


becky ward said...

Oh, Owen has the stinkiest feet! I will have to check these out for sure. And, what a priceless conversation about clouds.

The Myers Family said...

I LOVE the dialogues you have with Thomas! Keep those coming. And by the way, we are so excited that you guys are coming soon! We're already talking about where to take you while you're here...

Elena said...

Thanks for the shoe tip. My kids stink to high heavens!! Maybe when Thomas gets there he can help them out. :) Cute kid!

Marilyn said...

Shades of Andy - "How do the clouds stay up in the sky without falling down?"

Marilyn said...

"Where do truckdrivers live?"