Thursday, August 23, 2007


No, it's not a typo-- I put the "k" in Idaho on purpose. For some reason, Gordon, who can say "I-da-ho" perfectly well, prefers to pronounce is "Idak-ho". It's kind of cute.

I feel like I am way behind on the blogging, but I think it's because we've had an extra busy week. So, as an update, last weekend, we went up to Idaho Falls for my high school reunion. Fun, fun. Actually, it wasn't bad-- I'll post about it in a minute.

The boys hung out with my parents while Chris and I partied with the Class of '97. The kids especially loved helping my dad fill in his "pit". My parents are considering selling their house and purchasing a new one in Ammon, so all plans for the waterfall are off. Oh well, you can't beat an afternoon in a tractor, right? I am not sure who had more fun-- Thomas or my dad!

We think this picture of Gordon "helping" is just classic.

Tom and Pop-Pop in the tractor.

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Gordon's cute little pout. He was pretty mad about something and I just love his pouty lower lip. Funny kid!

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