Monday, August 20, 2007

To the Nines

Nine years ago today, Chris and I were married in Idaho Falls, ID. We've made a lot of memories over the past nine years! We decided it would be fun to celebrate our nine years together by writing nine things we love about each other. Neither of us knew before this post what the other one was going to write, so this has been a fun little gift.

Nine things I love about Elise
by Chris

1. Everone knows that I love Leesta's hair. It's the reason we met. What people don't know is that I love how soft it is. I also like to see her hair change colors when it gets wet. Elise doesn't know this but I'll pull the tons of her hair from her brush (because she never does) and before I toss it I'll just hold it in my hands and play with it, stare at it from different angles, in different light. I did that just yesterday.
2. I love Leesta's smell. I can't describe it. She told me about some marriage counselor who's first question to struggling couples was "Do you like the way your spouse smells?" According to him, if they didn't, there was no hope of salvaging the relationship. I feel safe in saying that I will never have to worry about our marriage ever getting that bad, because she smells so good -- especially on the back of her neck.
3. I love Leesta's business savvy. Being a simpleton, I am constantly impressed and very much attracted by the way she can handle her own with power suit-wearing middle-aged men twice her size when it comes to numbers, making a deal, putting together reports and stuff like that.
4. I love Leesta's creativity. This Web site is proof enough that she has a knack for design. I am happy when I can get four stories on a news page, while she makes scrapbook pages that look good enough to eat. She also knows how to make our house a home.
5. I love the way Leesta turns me on when she's spunky. When she's in a really good, lighthearted mood -- usually when we're with a group of close friends -- she'll start laughing and her voice goes up a notch in volume, and she'll get all animated and blushed. It's almost like she's drunk, but without the always-embarassing effects of alcohol. It's a pure happiness that's so sexy.
6. I love Leesta's self-created convection oven when she curls up to sleep. I always complain about how hot to the touch her skin is, but every so often in winter it's nice to come into a bed she's preheated and steal her heat. I always joke she could bake dinner rolls next to her belly. I think she's nuclear, like the sun.
7. I love Leesta's freckly shoulders. There's so many of them (freckles, not shoulders). I get peeks of them when she's out of the shower or when she's wearing a bathing suit. I find it hard not to want to kiss and stroke them.
8. I love the way Leesta eats her food -- dainty without being obnoxious. And when we're at a restaurant and she's really enjoying what she's having, she'll wave her fork around and point to me with it.
9. I love how much Leesta loves her boys. From the time they were babies, she's loved looking at them and cuddling with them -- if they'll allow it. And she loves to talk about them when they are not around. True, they can be a handful, but when she goes too long without them she goes through withdrawals only a mother can.

Nine things I love about Chris
by Elise

1. Chris is the master of nicknames. In fact, in our nine years together, he has called me by my actual first name only a handful of times-- and it always sounds so weird when he does. If you're around us for any amount of time, you'll hear Chris call me "Leesta" or "Leesta Toast", my most-used nicknames. He doesn't stop with those, though-- he has a new nickname for me every few months. Some are better than others (my least favorite: "Bessie Pie", some of the good ones: "Lorna", "Strenna", and recently, "Cortalo Porchesney"), and almost all are just funny words that he has made up. Chris also makes up funny names for the boys-- we thought of introducing them as "Timodasee" and "Gerder." I love the silly nicknames and I hope Chris never stops making them up.
2. In addition to nicknames, Chris is very skilled at altering songs to include his own funny lyrics. Chris has been singing these songs to me since we were first married and it always makes me laugh. I've even heard Thomas singing some of Chris's songs! He also makes up great background beats to my nursery rhymes-- my favorite is the one he does to "Five Little Ducks".
3. Speaking of singing, but on a less goofy note, I love to hear Chris sing. The first time I heard him sing (in church, sitting next to me, we were engaged), I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying. It was the most beautiful, clear voice I had ever heard. I remember that moment as the one where I truly fell in love with Chris. He's very modest about his singing talent, which actually gives it more meaning for me because his singing never sounds forced or contrived. It's just pure and very real, and I will never tire of hearing it.
4. I think Chris is extremely handsome (and he just gets better with age!), but my most favorite physical feature (okay, I love his bum, too) are his eyebrows and eyelashes. I love how thick and full they are. I like to touch his eyebrows-- he's nice to let me. I also love how both of our boys got Chris's long eyelashes and Gordon has thick brows, just blonde. So great!
5. I have always loved reading Chris's writing. He wrote such great, entertaining letters when we first met, and now writes excellent stories for the newspaper. I have always loved the way he works with words and I am glad he has a career where he can use his talents.
6. Chris and his brother, Andy, have an uncanny ability to memorize quotes from movies (or episodes of the Simpsons) and recall them at any time. Watching certain movies with them makes a movie that wasn't all that great hilarious. Chris can also find a Simpson's moment to go with nearly any situation in life-- but he isn't the "do'h" kind of Simpson's nerd. Rather, he appreciates the subtler, more satirical comedy, which really appeals to his sense of humor. I love his wit and his ability to make me laugh.
7. I love the way Chris smells. It's not really a smell I can describe, it's just him. The first time we were apart overnight, I slept with one of his shirts close to my face, just so I could keep the smell of him near me. I love it!
8. I love that Chris is such a great dad to our boys. Not only is he responsible and kind, but he also has this great silly side that keeps them laughing all the time. They probably won't remember all of the routines I get them on or the (mostly) healthy meals or the fact that they bathe regularly, but I am positive that Thomas and Gordon will grow up with fantastic memories of laughing and playing with their dad. I couldn't ask for more than that for my kids.
9. Chris and I were engaged for eight months, which seemed incredibly long and unbearable at the time. We also lived in different cities for our entire engagement (the first time we lived in the same town was when we got married) and I had a few moments of doubt and insecurity about our impending marriage. A couple of times, I called Chris crying, undoubtedly sending him into a panic, and he would have to drive to Provo to make sure I was okay. As soon as I saw him, whatever doubt or fear I had immediately disappeared because when I was with him, I knew that was where I wanted and needed to be. This little phenomenon has happened over and over again through the past nine years and even though I'm not sure what to call it exactly, I know that it means that I am exactly where I need to be when I am with Chris. He is my ideal husband and friend in every way, and I am never more myself or at home than when I am with him.


Here's our "wedding video" in case you haven't seen it!


becky ward said...

Nine years! Congratulations. I had to blush a few times reading your lists! You two are way too perfect for each other and I love spending time with both you. I hope you have a great evening celebrating. Love ya!

Elena said...

Happy Annivesary! I love that you both wrote about each other's smell. How cute is that? You sound like you are still very much in love. Way to go! (Cute video too.)

Marilyn said...

Aw, you two are so cute! You know, Chris gets that nickname ability from me. We called him "Loomis" when he was a baby.

Emily said...


JK. I remember the first time I met Elise, walking from church to our house after Chris's homecoming. I'm so glad you came, and married Chris. Congratugalations!