Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Thomas!!

I can't believe it-- six years ago tomorrow (August 12th), our sweet little son, Thomas Gregory, was born! Thomas has been a light in our lives since the first moment we learned of his existence on Christmas Day, 2000. He has always been a very special little person and anyone who meets Tom immediately recognizes the sweetness of his personality.

Thomas is an incredibly smart little guy and it has been so much fun to watch him learn so much this year. He has grown in so many ways in the past year and we're so proud of how brave he has been in taking on new challenges. Tom loves to do fun things (what kid doesn't!?) and asks me, at least once a day, "So Mom, what's exciting?" He is also a great brother and has shown his very kindest side when it comes to his little brother. The other night, we were testing out telescopes at my boss's house and my boss told the kids that if they saw a satellite, they could name it after themselves. Thomas saw one and when asked what he wanted to name his satellite, he said, "Gordon."

Making his little montage made me very nostalgic remembering those first days with our first little son. I am so proud of the wonderful boy he is becoming and I will always be grateful that he is the sweet person who made us a family six year ago!

Happy Birthday, Tommer!!


becky ward said...

Happy Birthday Thomas! We think you are so great, and Owen just adores you. It's been so fun to watch you grow up. Elise-I love the movie you made. You are super talented.

Marilyn said...

He was the first of my five boyfriends! I am so proud to be his Gramm!!

Kristine said...

Awww... so cute! I can't believe he is six already. I still remember visiting you in the hospital right before my wedding! Boy does time fly. Sorry we missed you in Utah this past week. We'll have to arrange something for December!

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

Happy Birthday Tom! We love you so much.

Elena said...

I love it! Happy birthday to you big boy!