Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eyes, lips, face... for cheap!

Check it out-- Nordstrom has a new makeup line called Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.-- cute) and all of their products are currently selling for $1.00! It gets better-- you can save 50% on orders up to $20.00 by entering the promotional code carolina at check-out. I just bought 21 items (including a couple of awesome-looking make-up brushes!) and I spent $16.00 (which includes $5.00 shipping). I usually spend that on one lipstick!

Visit to check it out.


becky ward said...

That is so awesome! I just had the best time picking out makeup and got a killer deal. If this makeup is as good as it looks then I just got totally hooked up. THanks Elise.

Emily said...

Yay, I'm going there right now to look at suff. After I got a stye, I had to throw a lot of MK stuff, (not from you) away, so I need some more. Thanks for the tip!