Saturday, August 11, 2007

Buck Reunion!

It was a long drive and too short a visit, but we're so glad we were able to make it to the Buck Reunion in Oregon last week! My Grandma Nonny and her siblings and their families get together for a few days each year, and we were fortunate to join them. We camped at Belknap Hot Springs Resort in Mackenzie Bridge, OR for a couple of nights and we had a great time. Our only complaint was that we had to leave way too soon!

Chillin' with Ann-Michelle-- the Freed Fam was awesome to let us set up camp on the deck of their cabin.

The hot springs were a little too... well, hot... but the kids (and big kid Chris) did have fun dipping their toesies!

Belknap has some awesome gardens that the kids had a blast running around in. Their faces may not show it, but they really did have a great time.

The most fun part about this trip was when Chris, Todd, my parents, Allison and I joined a bunch of other Buck-related people for a half-day river rafting trip on the MacKenzie River. While we were waiting for the trip to start, Todd, Chris and I had fun goofing off with my dad (who is taking this picture)...

The kid who was taking this picture was a little nervous apparently, since he was shaking the camera bad enough not to give us a clear picture. Oh well-- we still look like we're about to have a great time!


becky ward said...

A river rafting trip sounds fun.

Kristine said...

What a fun trip! I must say that you and your sister look like twins!

Elena said...

Way fun! I love river rafting. Glad you got that in!