Thursday, August 02, 2007

Boy Heaven

What is the saying? "Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails"? Well, they sure got the snake part right!

This evening, Thomas and Gordon and I went into Logan Canyon to participate in the Reptile presentation by the folks at Stokes Nature Center. It was really fun! We got to touch two live snakes-- a gopher snake and a garter snake (both non-venomous)-- and we discussed several different kinds of reptiles. An interesting tidbit: Did you know that more people die each year from bee stings than they do from snake bites? Maybe Indiana Jones needs to rethink his greatest fear!

I think our little adventure was as close as we can get to Heaven for our Gord. Look at the expression of pure affection on his face as he meets a garter snake!

We took our obligatory jaunt to the river and Gordy came prepared. He is just too cute-- and 100% boy!


Marilyn said...

Won't you be excited when you find one of those litle critters slithering across your kitchen floor?

Ashley said...

Can't wait for that part of boyhood to begin...a little positive direction for the testosterone would be nice. Right now Jaxon's "boyish" outlets are throwing things, hitting, and banging any two objects together to make as much noise as possible!!!

Elena said...

So much fun! My kids get a kick out of reptiles as well. That's fine by me, but I can't handle spiders!!

The Myers Family said...

I remember the snake we found in West Valley City that Chris named "Fred." Like father like sons!

becky ward said...

Snakes!? oh, boy! Have I told you that you are a great mom?