Friday, February 16, 2007

What is it with vents?

A little while ago, I got a total kick out of Elena Manwaring's post featuring her little Kate filling their vent with cereal. I have decided that Gordon and Kate must be kindred spirits, and yesterday I got more proof when I discovered some treasures in the vent in the boys' room:

Here is everything I collected from inside the vent. The funniest thing is that the baby bulb syringe is not ours!


becky ward said...

Hillarious! I am so glad I don't have vents in the floor of my apartment. Only thing I have to worry about is drawing on the doors and walls.

Emily said...

I used to love the vent in my old room when I was little. After taking a bath in the winter, my mom would turn the heat on and I would cover myself with my towel like a tent over the vent. It felt so good to be warm. I love memories like that.

Elena said...

Oh my word! HILARIOUS! I love how even the cat is curios of the treasures you discovered. They really are meant for a date! When is his birthday? (Gordon I mean; not the cat. :) )