Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, we have some exciting change happening around here. It was with mixed emotions that I worked my last day for Mrs. Fields Famous Brands today. A couple of weeks ago, I accepted an offer with a different company and gave my notice to the company I've worked for for almost five years. While I'm looking forward to my new opportunity with great anticipation, I will truly miss my work with Mrs. Fields and my fantastic team. They're a great group of guys and we've had a lot of fun together. Here we are last year at a team meeting in Salt Lake:

L to R: Chris Hood (SLC), Steve Thometz (San Diego), Steve Bryan (Savannah, GA), Don Lewandowski (Sacramento, CA), (kneeling) Rich Hankins (Harrisburg, PA), Terry Loock (SLC), Steve Phillips (Denver), Tom Lynch (Atlanta), and yours truly. Not pictured Jim Brinkmeyer (Kansas City, MO).

I have a couple of days off, then I start my new job on Monday. More details when I'm an official employee! :)


The Myers Family said...

Congratulations, Elise! I'm excited for you. I still think you should open up a My Girlfriend's Kitchen on the side! You will be a smashing success in your new career and I look forward to hearing all about it!

Marilyn said...

They will be missing you! A rose among thorns!!

Kristine said...

Sounds like an exciting opportunity, Elise. I'm curious to know more about your new job!

Elena said...

Wow! Big changes. I too am anxiously awaitng the report of the new job. Best of luck to you!