Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another reason to love my in-laws

A couple of weeks ago, while we were visiting my in-laws in Salt Lake, I was wearing my favorite Brighton earrings. While watching TV with Chris, I got uncomfortable and decided to take them off. Like the smartie that I am, I placed them in a random spot and forgot all about them. The next day, I managed to find one, but it's pair had disappeared. I was really bummed.

This week, I learned yet another reason why I love my in-laws. Not only did they treat Gordon to two great days of one-on-one spoiling while I was in meetings at work, they also presented me with an early Valentine's gift: new earrings! They're not exactly like my old ones, but I love them even more! I took some pictures of my newly cutened (I know, not a word)ear just to show off...
Thank you so much, Gary and Marilyn!!

While trying to capture the earring pic, I took a few profiles of myself. I always think profile pictures are so weird to see-- I'm used to looking at myself from the front, but never from the side. I think it always surprises me a little bit to see how pointy my nose actually is!


Elena said...

You crack me up!! This was hilarious. By the way, darling earrings. And I think you have a very pretty profile. Mine includes about 3 chins!

Marilyn said...

Those earrings are beautiful because they are on the ear of a beautiful woman! Your nose is perfect.