Friday, February 02, 2007

Love is in the air

It's only the 2nd day of February, and already we're getting into the Valentine's Day mode. I have never been a huge fan of this holiday (commercialism, we should show love every day of the year, that kind of thing) but I have to admit, having kids who get excited about it does make Valentine's Day a lot more fun.

It seems our littlest family member has taken some hints from the models in the Victoria's Secret catalog. The other night, long after the boys were asleep, I went into their room to put some toys away and check on them. I found Gordon, clad only in his diaper, curled up in his crib, his jammies at his feet. Like those models, apparently he isn't fond of clothing either!

Today Thomas and I went to the store where he picked out Superman valentines to give to his classmates. I always get a laugh out of the messages they put on these things. Tom's say things like "Happy Valentine's Day to a Hero with Heart", "This Valentine's Day-- Soar!", and "Valentine, You're one of the Good Guys!" My favorite, though, is this:

Today's actual holiday is Groundhog Day and the day our cute nephew, David Myers, celebrates his second birthday! Happy Birthday, Davey!! To celebrate, I plan to watch the classic Bill Murray flick later today. :)


Elena said...

I am so glad to see that my kids aren't the only ones to sleep in only diapers or underwear!
It cracks me up that you posted a V-day post today. I have been fighting myself all day, but thought I would wait until a little closer to the actual day. It made my day to see that you went ahead and did it!! (Your blog rocks!)

MIKE said...

At least he hasn't figured out how to take his diaper off yet as well. I guess that comes next.

The Myers Family said...

Andy walked by the nursery window at Church yesterday to see our little David having his snack. He stood by the table, happily eating his cookie, with his too-big pants down around his ankles. Neither he nor his teachers noticed. And we adults are having those nightmares about being naked or scantily-clad in public! I wonder if Gordon or David will ever worry about those situations!