Thursday, February 22, 2007

Snow Day

We celebrated President's Day on Monday with a day out in the snow! This snowfall was the first really big one to hit Logan, so we took full advantage. It was really fun to dress the boys up-- hats, scarves, oversized boots-- and they looked so cute! Chris took them over to the elementary school nearby to sled. Gordon loved his first couple of rides, but quickly tired of falling into the cold snow. He preferred eating it, or throwing snowballs. I think Thomas could have gone sledding all day long. He also liked making tracks in the clean snow and checking to see if his snowsuit did in fact protect his whole body from the wet snow. Both boys' favorite part of the day was lounging in the sled while being pulled by their tough dad.

After sledding, Chris and Thomas worked on building a huge snowman in our front yard. The snowman was so big that Chris had to use the sled as a ramp to roll up the huge middle. Until he melted on Tuesday, the snowman was the pride of the neighborhood!


Marilyn said...

Wow! That is a monster snowman! Chris has always had an affinity for building snow creatures. He's a cute Daddy! (Of course I would say that, I'm his Mom.:)

Elena said...

Nice job! What an awesome snowman.

becky ward said...

Adorable snowman! I love the big buttons. Too bad he melted.

Amanda and Andy Hansen said...

What a great snow day! Sounds like the boys had a lot of fun.