Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend in Colorado

On Saturday morning, Chris and I dropped the boys off at Grammuh and Grampuh's house (THANK YOU!!!), then headed to the airport to fly to Denver, CO for Chris's birthday trip. It was such a fun weekend! After arriving in Denver and picking up our little rental car, we drove up to Fort Collins to meet Emily and Jon at Young's Cafe, a tasty little Vietnamese restaurant. The food is so tasty-- they really should call it "Yum's". Mmmm...
Anyway, it was great fun visiting with Emily and Jon. We even had a little bit of time to visit their apartment and their kitty, Oscar. Emily is due in just a few weeks with her first baby, so it was fun to see her in her last few days of pregnancy. She's so little-- I don't even think you can tell that she's pregnant from this picture.
After a too short afternoon in Fort Collins, we headed South a couple of hours to Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy. See above post for details on the game.

To end the night, we drove back to Denver and ate at Red Lobster before spending the night. We were able to sleep in a little bit on Sunday morning and flew back to Salt Lake and our little boys in the early afternoon. It was a fast trip, but we both had a great time in Colorado!

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