Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shots, Shoes and a Haircut

It's been quite the day! This morning, I picked Thomas up from kindergarten with some bad news: we had to go to the doctor to get the last of his two Hep A immunizations. He cried the whole way to the doctor and tried to reason with me, "I'll just tell the doctor that I want ZERO shots, Mom!" I told him it was okay to cry and that yes, it would be scary, but that he is a very brave boy. So, we go into the waiting room and do some homework (which he loves--clever, eh?)and he was okay for the moment. Then the nurse called his name and the tears began again. He was still pretty brave until we got to the little room and he saw the bandaids, then he started trying to bargain with the nurse: "I just want a bandaid but NO SHOT PUNCHERS!" The nurse told him that he would just have one "shot puncher", which made him cry even harder. I held him on my lap and the nurse suggested that he close his eyes. Tom closed his eyes and the nurse quickly seized the opportunity to give him the shot in his leg. "It's all over!" She exclaimed, and Thomas opened his eyes and looked around, then smiled. "I'm safe now!" he said, and grinned the rest of the time and the whole way to McDonalds. Moral of the story: nothing is worse than anticipation!

Tommer wasn't the only Hansen child with drama today. I picked the boys up from Sara's this afternoon and Gordon was screaming. Not brat screaming, but really hysterical "I AM IN PAIN" screaming. It was awful-- he couldn't sit still in his carseat, just arched his back and screamed. We didn't go home-- we went straight back to the doctor's office. When we got there, I took Gordon's little Nikes off and we went inside. By the time we got to the registration desk, the crying had ceased completely and Gordon was actually smiling! We decided to stay in the waiting area for a little while, just in case, but Gordon's mood just continued to improve. So, after about ten minutes, we went home. He's been fine ever since, so the only thing Chris and I can think is that he either had some sharp gas pains or something, or that his shoes were too tight. Whatever it was, it certainly added some drama to our evening and I'm so glad my sweet little babe is okay! (I've been giving him extra kisses tonight!)

After all of this, I felt I could use some pampering and look-- I had a hair appointment! Yippee! So, I decided to take some self before and after pics. I took two before pictures-- the first is how I normally fix my hair because I am lazy, and the second is to show what a mess it is when I take it out of its clip-- YIKES! My hair hasn't been cut in a while, so it has gotten quite scraggely. I went to a new person-- a cute girl in my ward, Becky Twedt-- and she did this great head massage thing before she cut my hair. So relaxing! Then she cut my hair-- just a trim-- and straightened it. I love it! Here's the after-- am I cute or what? ;)


Kristine said...

I hate trips to the doctor that involve shots. It's bad enough already, I can only imagine how much worse it is when the child knows what's coming! And your hair looks fantastic. Love the layers!

becky ward said...

Cute? You look beautiful! I just got my hair cut too and it's a great feeling. So, when are we going to get together?