Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Halloween! We had a pretty good one this year, though I managed to get a little stressed with the over-planning. Oh well, that seems to be part of my tradition along with all of the other stuff! :)

Our first stop was the Cache Valley Mall on apparently their busiest day of the year. It was insane! There were people everywhere and everyone was dressed up. We met up with Kevin and Becky and their cute little Owen and had a fun time chit chatting while we braved the lines. Thomas had a great time; Gordon and Owen just dealt with it.

After frantically making my traditional Halloween chili (well, it's really Marilyn's recipe, but I'm calling it mine), I took the boys over to our ward's Trick-or-Trunk a half hour late. I thought this thing would be one of those things that goes on for a while... apparently not. When we pulled up with our friends, Sean and Karin, we were among the last cars in the parking lot. Within moments, everyone else was gone and my kids were standing in the dark with no candy. Ugh.

Can I just go off on these Trunk-or-Treats for a moment? First of all, I do think they're a fun idea-- but so much better if they happen on a day other than Halloween. Halloween should be about going to the houses in your neighborhood, and trick-or-treating with your cute little kids. Instead, it's pulling up to a church parking lot and speed-trick-or-treating in less than a half an hour. Everyone runs out of candy, so all of the porch lights in our little neighborhood were off. And, we got a total of two trick-or-treaters! Sad!

So, back to our night. Next we headed over the Herald Journal offices to deliver the famous chili to Chris. He came with us and we went trick-or-treating at a few houses up by the Temple. It really was fun and the boys got some good candy. Gordon's favorite part was tromping through the leaves and trying to go in the houses where people were giving him candy. I had to pull his little Tigger tail. Tom got a little bit cold after a while, but he still had a great time.

All in all, it was a fun Halloween! Posted by Picasa


Elena said...

I must agree on the trunk-or-treat; we bypass them and do real houses. Much more fun that way. Plus it seems that you get the icky cheap candy at the trunk-or-treat because there are SO many kids, no on can afford good stuff. Looks like you had fun regardless.

becky ward said...

At least we scored at those houses by the temple! (: It was a fun night!