Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tonight I went to Gymboree.com and ordered Easter shirts for the boys for next year. It was kind of weird because I ordered three of them.


I am going to be the mom of three sons. The fact has hardly sunk in, but I can't help but feel a little giddy when I think about it.

Yesterday was such a fun day! After dropping Tom off at school, I went to work for a while, then came home just as Nonny, Bob, my mom and Allison were pulling up. Chris had been watching our friends' little boy while they went to their ultrasound (she is due just a week after me), so they joined us for lunch and shared their exciting news. Gordon, who hadn't seen Nonny and Bob since they were in the States last summer, more than made up for lost time by updating everyone on everything going on in his life. I think he may have talked non-stop for about three hours, then announced to Bob, "I'm tired!"

Bob generously agreed to keep an eye on our now sleepy 3-year-old, while the rest of us picked Thomas up from school, then met Chris and Marilyn at the doctor's office. I have to admit: I was having major anxiety over the number of people we were planning to bring into that ultrasound. I even called the office ahead of time to see if they had any kind of capacity limits. They didn't, so we all went: me (of course!), Chris, Thomas, my mom, Marilyn, Nonny and Allison. Luckily, the ultrasound tech could not have been better. He was totally relaxed, funny, and even put on a little show for all of the spectators. I'll have to write a little note to let him know how much his personality made the experience great for all of us, especially the anxiety-ridden pregnant woman!

He took us on a full tour of my womb, complete with the baby and all of his little organs and bones. Everything appears to be functioning as it should, and the baby measured almost exactly to my due date. The tech asked if we wanted to know the gender, which we did, but I don't know if it would have been possible to hide it. That particular area was quite plain to see, so there is no room for doubt! What was difficult to see, however, was the baby's face: he kept at least one hand in front of his face the whole time. I tried to shake my belly to see if he would move around, but instead of moving his one hand away, he moved his other hand up there, too! It was actually pretty cute, though we didn't really get a great ultrasound picture of his face. Oh well, they're a little alien/Skeletor-looking in those things anyway!

All in all, the ultrasound was a really good experience, and I am so glad it worked out so well that some of our most important people got to share it with us.

As far as reaction from our boys, Thomas had requested a sister, so he was a bit disappointed. I later learned that the primary reason for his disappointment wasn't so much having another brother, but concern over the fact that we had already been discussing our Halloween costumes for this year. Repeating our video game theme from last year, Thomas is planning to dress up as Mario. Gordon plans to be Sonic the Hedgehog (his idea, and totally fitting, if you ask me), while Chris will either be Bowser or Donkey Kong. I'll be the Princess and the baby will be Toad, who Tom apparently thought was a girl. When I explained that the baby can still be Toad, and that actually Toad is a boy, he brightened right up and seemed fine with the whole thing. Funny! Gordon predicted that the baby would be a boy, so he just said "uh huh," like, "yeah, I knew that already." I think his test will come when we actually bring said baby boy home!

Chris and I are still discussing names, which feels odd because both Thomas and Gordon were named within moments of our knowing their gender. I am easy-- I like almost anything classic, while Chris is a little more picky. Feel free to keep making suggestions, though I think we'll probably come up with some consensus within the next day or so. In the meantime, it's fun to call the little kicker a "he", and it's fun to start looking at things in threes.


Emily said...

That's good to hear that Toad is a boy.Chris should definitely be Bowser.
My book club is reading Twilight for my last month here! One of the ladies wasn't happy about the selection, but she promised she'd read it. Can't wait to join the bandwagon.

Marilyn said...

Way cute shirts, Leesta!

Justin and Amber Manwaring said...

Congratulations on the boy!! I love how Tom was so concerned about the halloween costumes. Too cute!! I'm glad he won't be disappointed now.

becky ward said...

already ordering easter shirts. look at you go!

and i love your theme for halloween...your household is lightyears ahead of mine!

Becca said...

YAY! Congratulations, Elise! I'm so excited to meet cute little Henry "Hank" Herbet-rhymes with sherbet Hansen!

And our bond has only strengthened since I found out that, like me, you already know what you're going to be for Halloween this year. I start planning right after the last of the Halloween Peanut Butter cups has been secretly devoured.

Kim said...

I love the shirts. And I'm especially impressed with your pre=planning abilities.

Caitlan said...

Ah so fun. I'm excited for the little guy!