Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A family outing

Remember when I promised to blog with pictures and some video? Ha ha, that was a good one. The truth is that we DID have some great video of Thomas riding his 2-wheeler-without-training-wheels for the first time, but I somehow deleted the file. He'll give it another go this week, and I'll be sure to be ready!

In the meantime, I do have some fun pictures from the weekend. We drove up to Idaho on Saturday and went to Fall Creek for a picnic with my parents, Jake, Caitlan, Allison and Maryn (friend of the fam). We found a perfect spot right by the Snake River. When he wasn't guzzling root beer, Gordon kept himself busy throwing rocks in the river. He even got his dad to help out.

It's always fun for the boys to hang out with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. There is something about grandparents that makes them immune to the annoyances of being climbed on all the time. I think they actually like it.

We had a really tasty picnic with all of the goods. My current fave: that onion cream cheese chip dip. Man. I could seriously eat that stuff with a spoon. A while ago, I mentioned this pregnancy-induced craving and someone (I think Shannon?) asked for the recipe: cream cheese, chopped onions, and a little bit of milk just to soften the mixture. That's it-- I love it with Ruffles, but any chip will do. Also on the menu: hamburgers, hot dogs, Mom's beans (YUM) and an all-time DeArton fave (especially because of the "my-family-is-nerdy" name)-- Psycho Freaky Bars. Since I'm in the secret family recipe sharing mood (just kidding, they're not secret recipes), I'll tell you how to make PFB's: rice crispy treats, except substitute Special K for the crispies, add peanut butter to your marshmallow mixture, then top with melted chocolate and butterscotch chips. Extremely unhealthy, but extremely tasty. Just get your toothbrush handy! :)

The quiet setting, (mostly) gentle breeze, warm sun, and great company made for a perfect Saturday afternoon picnic. I'm glad we had a chance to do it.

I have a few pictures from Sunday, which I will post tomorrow before So You Think You Can Dance (LOVE that show!).


Ashley said...

SOunds fantastic, especially the weather...3 days of 113 here in good old Mesa... (remember the other 8 months, remember the other 8 months---this is my mantra until October!)

Becca said...

The pictures really do make it look like the perfect weather. I do so love to camp when it's not sweltering and it actually gets cool at night.

Monica said...

It looks like your family had so much fun. Jeff and I haven't been camping in a very long time. I think he would like to go this year but I think there is so much going on already I don't know when we will find the time.

Ann-Michelle said...

we wish we had been there- it looks like you guys had fun! and PFBs- i haven't had those in such a long time!!

becky ward said...

i LOVE so you think you can dance! and this outing looks like so much fun.