Friday, June 13, 2008

A Joke from Slacker McGee

Okay, I've been a total blog slacker lately, but I DO have some updates, pictures and even some videos to post! Unfortunately, those will have to wait until later this evening because I've got a few things to do first. In the meantime, you know how much we love "chicken jokes" at our house, and I just told Thomas one that produced a genuine belly laugh:

How did the frog cross the road?

He tied himself to the chicken!


Becca said...

I'm gonna try it out on Truman tomorrow when he wakes up . . . I'll keep you posted on what is sure to be a similar response. (Or should I say "I'll keep you commented"?)

Emily said...

But how did the colonel cross the road?

Ann-Michelle said...

that made me giggle- i am looking forward to telling it to the big girls- are they old enough for jokes? i guess we'll see!!

Emily said...

That is a cute joke, my kids would get a kick out of it!