Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

Happy Birthday yesterday to my sister-in-law Emily! We remembered Emily's birthday mid-day yesterday, but we were up in the canyon and couldn't call. Chris forgot again, then remembered at 10PM and decided to give her a call-- and managed to wake her up! Sorry, Emily! And, here is your belated card... one of these days we'll be on the ball!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Emily! I have always appreciated Emily's good-natured personality and her kindness. The day I met Chris in person, Emily was nice enough to walk with me from the church to their house, and introduce me to her parents while Chris was busy greeting all of the other post-mission well-wishers. She made me feel very comfortable, and I have been grateful for that same part of her ever since. She and Chris share the amazing talent of adventurous eating, but Emily has excelled that and has become an amazing cook. Her recipes are always tasty and you can count on her to give a good eating recommendation. Her ideas have challenged me to explore a little more with my own cooking. (By the way, if you want some of her recipes, check out her recipe blog at Culinary Collie Sue-- you won't be disappointed!)

Happy Birthday, Emily! We hope your next 25 years are as great as your first! ♥


Marilyn said...

She's my baby!!

Monica said...

great job on the scrapbook page. Did you do it on the computer. Help I need ideas.

Kim said...

Happy birthday Emily!!
I tried to follow the link to Emily's recipe blog, but it didn't work. After some blog sleuthing, I discovered the address is actually It looks like a great site!