Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today is Esther's Special Day!

I was 14 and lost at EFY, when I met a cute brunette from Vancouver, WA who was also trying to find her way around. Esther and I became instant friends, and even wrote letters back and forth after we went home. I received her wedding invitation a few months before my own went out, and had a chance to speak to her briefly on the day she went through the Temple for the first time. We lost touch for a year or so, but then to my delight, she was at the wedding of our friends, Justin and Amber-- I hadn't realized that she was married to Amber's brother! Now, thanks to our blogs, I can keep up with Esther and her cute family on a regular basis!

My favorite thing about Esther is how positive she always is. She is full of kindness and love, qualities that I try to emulate. Happy Birthday, Esther! I hope it's a wonderful one!

(By the way, huge thanks to Amber for posting a birthday wish for Esther-- I didn't know today was her birthday! Also, sorry I stole this picture, Ess...)


Esther Ogden said...

Elise, that was so sweet! Thank you for making my big 2-9 that much more perfect! I sure loved those EFY days- I was always impressed how the boys just flocked to you...and how much better you looked in my new dress than me! You are so beautiful and I really appreciate you thinking of me.

The Myers Family said...

Elise, you have such a nice bunch of friends! You are very lucky and a great friend youself, I'm sure!

Kim said...

Happy birthday, Esther. Anyone who gets a birthday wish on Elise's blog belongs to a very lucky group (including me)!