Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's 2008!


We rang in the New Year with a fabulous celebration including family, friends, and of course, way too much food. Ah, but it was so fun! This was our second year hosting a New Years Eve party with my family, and this year was even bigger with all of my sisters, mom and dad, and our friends, the Stantons.

Did I mention that we had way too much food?

Chris and I pulled out all of the stops and made our tastiest party treats, plus a couple of new additions. Check out Becca's Oreo BonBons-- they were the first things to go! I also asked everyone to bring an appetizer and/or treat, so we had food galore. Everything was so delish and I love that we got to keep the leftovers!

A party just isn't a party without games! We had so much fun playing all sorts of games-- the most photogenic of which was The Great Dalmuti. It's one of those fun games you can play with a whole bunch of people and everyone has a great time.

Just before midnight, we broke out the sparkling juices, poppers and noisemakers and counted down the seconds via Chris's atomic clock. We lit one measley firework that somehow destroyed the launching tube (don't ask me, Chris did it) and decided it was much too cold to be celebrating outside anyway.

We stayed up late playing games and eating our tasty foods. The next morning, my mom made a tasty breakfast casserole and Todd made us aebelskivers, which I think should become a new New Years tradition.

Everyone took off in the early afternoon, except Todd and Ann-Michelle, who got to stay an extra night. In the evening, we had Chinese take-out, which I have decided will become our traditional New Years Day meal. I just think the idea of fortune cookies seems so festive and appropriate for the day. Maybe someday Logan will get a decent Chinese restaurant? Ha ha... Oh well, at least I got a couple of great fortunes for 2008:


Emily said...

Cute photos, happy 2008!!

Elena said...

I love the fortune cookie idea. (Although what if it was a bad one? That could put a damper on the whole new year thing.) :) And I can't get over the dalmuti hats, so cute. I had to blow up the food picture to see what kinds of great stuff you had; it all looked delish!

Todd said...

we had a great party with you! thanks for letting us hang out for some extra time! a-m

Christy said...

All that's overwhelming just looking at it! Glad you guys had fun!

Becca said...

Wow, that looks like fun! And I sure do love your January header and blog-style. Is the Great Dalmuti a "which would you rather" type of game?

Caitlan said...

Hahaha- YES. I LOVE the one-eyed zebra. Haha so awesome. Looks like it was an awesome party- please have one next year so I can not be such a loser and actually come.

becky ward said...

The hats are great! AND all the food! Yummy!